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I always have it but today five finger death punch was my go to!
I was at the gym the other day and my earbuds battery died, it ruined everything… kinda like the same feeling when we discussed opening your food container at work and getting that whiff of spoiled food!


If you lift hard and intense and push yourself past failure that really helps :joy::joy::joy::joy::ok_hand:t2:


This will really help you


pushing past failure doesnt really help when you dont go to the gym with a partner! Unless you use machines… I find it really hard to be stupid without a spotter to push past failure. I dont plan my workouts with the hope and expectations that somebody else will show up because my motivation is better than theirs


great video to share… i could totally go back to the gym with that song!


Hmmmm so you’re telling me you can’t lift solo? Dude I’ve been lifting by myself for 5 years I don’t like to workout with others because they train like pussies and like to talk. Training is about pushing yourself past what you think you can do if you fail then you have succeeded in pushing past your limits. Don’t let your mind hold you back from what you can do. And this doesn’t always mean pile on the weight and do shorty form.

Young grasshopper you have much to learn. Lol. I’m going to mold you and change this mindset


actually i think you misunderstood what i said… I do not train with other people because i dont feel their motivation is where mine is at! I want to show up, I want to push weight, I want to be the one who shows you that im better than you! My knowledge is self gained and every goal i acheive is a goal that I set and accomplished by myself, I dont trust anybody to help me get to where i wanna be expect myself! This young grasshopper is going to win it with or without somebody being in the gym! I put my trust and faith In you @PHD knowing I lift solo… every goal i accomplish is something Ive done and seeing and reacting with you I try harder every day! “SOLO”


Well you definitely worded that saying you need a partner lol. It’s all in presentation I’m not a mind reader lol


Your correct, that was a little misleading, its hard for me to feel like i should push to failure or past failure without somebody spotting me, since i dont go to the gym with a partner. I feel its dangerous or stupid to go or to get to that point without that extra person there for my safety.


I think this one helped alot today @PHD


Im all ears and willing to get to that point! Your guidance and knowledge is what I strive for!


I’ve been seeing quite a few logs around different forums, logging total weight lifted. I’m curious… what’s the purpose and how are you figuring out total weight lifted? Is it weight x rep or weight x sets or what?


It’s a feature in the jefit app that is calculated. For me it’s not a number that has much influence on my routine or log but just a good reference point to go back to and see the increase in numbers… I only really pay attention to it when I do a routine that is exactly the same as the one performed the week before. Good question tho because I’m not 100% on how jefit calculates that number


11/11 log

Session length: 54min 25sec
Exercises completed: 7
Goals acheived: 1
Current weight: 195
Total weight lifted: 39370lbs
Sets: 3
Reps: 15

  • 60 second rest between sets

  • 5 minutes on treadmill @ 6 mph

Really wanted to try hard this morning, and did fairly well based on numbers I was producing, but as I finished up I felt that if I had to grade my workout today it would have been a “c” average. Stayed up really late with my wife, and woke up pretty early so I feel like I was pushing dead body weight in the gym.
But looking back at yesterday’s workout im still very impressed with my overall progress and gains across the board!


Good job


Hell YESSS!!! Fkn love Slipknot!!!


Nice job bro keep it up!!


Stay the course @josh. I hear rumors that you are looking good. Rooting for you!


Thanks guys, I’m trying and it shows!


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