Josh's workout log with Titan Training


Workout Log orginally edited, started posting Log properly Below

had to edit post!

@PHD sorry bro


It’s usually a common courtesy to not post a training or meal plan word for word that comes from a paid coach (especially if it’s from an active member on your forum). You are paying good money for it and other people would be getting it for free. I would certainly ask @phd before continuing to do this. It’s the respectful thing to do and you wanna keep a good relationship with your coach.


it was an honest mistake…


It’s all good bro. Thanks.


Got another good workout in this morning! Early wakeup call, smashed a good breakfast, killled it in the gym! :muscle::100:

Did chest/Shoulders/Tri’s

Session Length: 58min
Exercises done: 8
Sets: 3ea
Total weight Lifted: 21542.5 lbs


Thatta a boy make every rep of every work set count bud stay disciplined and focused the gains will come. You have an amazing coach in @PHD!!


Good looking out @MBTJR1980 this whole diet, training, coach thing is all so new to me but I’m giving my all into it! Results will be freaking amazing, and im putting all my trust in @PHD ! He’s been top notch and to the point, no bullshitting, guys :100:


Holy crap did I wake up sore AF this morning… been a good few days with Titan Training, and I can definetly feel the difference in how my muscles feel from using equipment from a gym rather that what i was doing at home! Gonna rest up today, got work and family!


You are in very good hand with @PHD he knows his shit and looks the part! Im sure you will make amazing progress now that you have a new diet and training program! Plus you should be proud of yourself that you have all your priorities straight as family always comes 1st. The needs of my wife and son are always 1st before anything that pertains to me. My girl is really good about knowing how important the gym is to my overall happiness so shes very supportive


Working on getting the same log shared on AD as well, so it’s on UGM and AD!


Not gonna lie, this morning I was totally unsure of where I was at with doing legs. So it was a weight guessing game. But now that it’s done i’ve got a pretty good idea where I’m at or relatively close to it!
Today’s diet plan is in full force also!


10/13 log:
Session length: 58m 16sec
Exercises done: 7ea
Sets: 3ea
Total weight lifted: 26370 lbs
(warm-up and cardio not included in these numbers)

Current weight: 198


Its a learning curve at 1st bro but after that youll be able to push yourself past your previous best and make the gains happen by beating yourself into growing :metal:t2:


And trust me im looking forward to it!

Been a long day, after the workout my wife and I spent the rest of today, cooking, cutting, weighing, portioning food… we took a break for 30 minutes to walk over to the farmers market our town was having and got some really good stuff, all local freaking amazing! So the fridge is stocked for the week!


Looking back at yesterday’s diet, I was right where I was supposed to be with protein, carbs, and fats. I used the myfitnesspal app to track the items I consumed (which myfitnesspal can be off a little on things) and the numbers came out within a respectable, very close set amount!

Rest day today


Get used to spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and eating bud. It becomes another job lol ive been using myfitnesspal for years i think ive logged my diet for 1100 days straight its an amazing tool to track your diet i love it :+1:t2: Great job on your log so far keep it up my man :wink:


I might know a thing or two. I think @Bigmurph needs to join titan let me make him big murph for real lol. What you think @Fitraver @TrenGod @SemperFi ? Oh I would put him on trenA right off the bat to show him it’s not dangerous lol


And I am just joking. I like to kid with @Bigmurph about tren. I would like to see him on it for real though. You would be a beast. A horny beast at that lol. Your wife may kill me or thank me lol


Does his avatar get bigger on here as well?


Yeah for real @MBTJR1980, after getting everything done and bagged and stored for the week I think my wife and I spent probably a good 8 to 9 hours doing it… it was fine though we got some good time in together, it definitely is team work! And she is being awesome about the diet, like today we went out to another farm a few towns away, and she had meal #2 and meal #3 all set up in a lunch box ready to go so there was NO eating anything other than what was packed!
Awesome job @mommie2008 :+1:


Lol! I know all about it brother! You got yourself a great woman you are a lucky man :wink: props to @mommie2008