John Meadows the mountain Dog


I just watched Juji and mountain Dog kill a crazy Legday. Anyone else respect How smart John Meadows is? I wish my gym had the equipment they used


Pretty sure everybody on here follows john meadows pretty well and has alot of respect for him… do you follow @Fitraver log? Even when you open up the AD forum mountain dog training is the first thing that pops up!

I could only imagine what it costs to be with a gym like that


Prop cheaper than what you’re paying. Gyms aren’t that expensive now.


Maybe but it’s something I’ll never know! I sure do wish I could use the golds gym I used to go to, place had 5 floors of everything, and it was cheaper than what im paying at anytime with 75% less stuff!


John Meadows is a genius with his training philosophies and dietary knowledge


No I dont follow him, but I’ll check it out . I dont have much time for this forum so I’m really trying to be involved . And also , with the ton of info on here I’m still learning to navigate.


I changed how I train because of his videos. I was too worried about injuries over progress . Always scared of hurting myself . But if everything is point and I listen to my body, I’ll fuck shit up and grow


Always listen to your body and train for growth not just for strength. Gotta be smart in your approach every part is equally important whether diet, training, supplementation and gear. Never forget about rest and sleep both vital to gains.


The one thing that’s hardest for me is the sleep… I know how much it’s needed and preached about, I had this discussion today with my wife, something I most definitely have to get down… it’s probably the hardest thing for me to get!