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hey I’m jay. I posted something earler before I even say this section. (I’m terrible @ navigating on here) I’m 37 6’1’ 198. lbs. tring to get back in the game. been home from md d.o.c. sence jan.8th. back in the gym and been on the iron past few years as well anyone knows doc knows plenty of steel but not enough food and plent of time that’s for sure. not much on internet but I’m trying cuuse I’m even less social in real life. I just posted about site edequette sp? so I don’t say anything crazy. let me kno the dos and donts. any info or Qs for me lmk.


Welcome bro. Big issue is just try to be careful for you own safety with what you post. Always think about that first. For yourself and board. This is a great place with people always willing to answer questions. Make yourself at home.


Welcome to ugm glad to have you around brother.
The rules here are much more relaxed than other forums but we do take a few things very seriously.

No bashing, I think that any and everything should be asked and discussed without having to worry about anyone judging you or just being a dick.

Besides that were uncensored so you can talk about anything just remember that your security and purs are at risk so just think about if it could be a security concern before you post.

If you have any questions just contact me here anytime. Im hear to help


Welcome to UGM brother glad to have ya!


Welcome to UGM bro. - UNITED


thanks everyone. I will contact if I have any ?s. still finding my way around.


Welcome to the fourm you will fit in fine here


Welcome to UGM boss. - UNITED

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Welcome brother


Welcome to the board.


Welcome !!!