IslandSwole Contest gains and goals 2017


wow glad u recovered man. its wierd. it seems everyone is getting this flue…what the heck is going on? i have to look it up to get the news on thiss epidemic. they pushed this vaccine thing which i learned the hard way never to do…i would go years…never had the flue…thebone time the doc co vincesd me and before i could change my mind he already stuck me lol! i got the flue TWICE that year…so after that i refused every year. but i thought i heard some where that the vaccine wasnt to prevent butbto help with getting through a supposed deadly type that was…“expected”…i still didnt bother. glad u are well and u can get back to the gym man


Thanks bro! Felt great to be back. Oddly enough the year I got the flu the most was the one time I got the shot as well…



well looks like you still stayed ahead of the flue and maintain that swoleness. thats the shape actually i am trying to get to by end of june the latest. looking awesome man


Thats a good look brother especially if you just got done with the flu. It took 26lbs off me ive been sick for over a month now. Im shredded but not the cut I was looking for.
Your looking great though keep killing it and stay well


Current weight 235
Starting weight 225
Peak weight this cycle 247(was storing a ton of water)
My goal this cycle was to recomp and so far I am very pleased with what I have accomplished. It’s been an uphill battle skipping meals and being sleep deprived with my 8 month old baby but I got it done. Started off with tren a, test prop, and anavar then switched to test cyp and npp.
Here’s my latest pic.