IslandSwole Contest gains and goals 2017


Did nothing but deadlifts yesterday and it fucking sucked… on a good note I pulled 585 conventional and this is only my 3rd time deadlifting in a year and a half.
It went something like this
Sumo Stance deadlifts
135x12, 205x12, 315x12
405x6, 500x6, 585x2
Paused deadlifts
275x6 (2 sets)
Pretty much wherever your weak spot is in your lift you pause right at that spot for 2 secs then continue the pull… sounds easy but it sucks.


Today was shoulders,
Got introduced to something different tonight… the bamboo bar! Man it was a bitch stabilizing that bar, you put too much torque into and boom there goes the wobble, you breathe too hard… wobble haha. It was definitely fun though. Really enjoying all of the new movements or I guess I should say variations I’m being introduced to.

@rnmuscle @TrenGod @Bigmurph @PHD @Iron_Junkie_Labs you guys have any experience with the bamboo bar?


Cant say i have but from what i see it looks very interesting, i would love to try it out though! Looks like fun haha :clap:

How do your shoulders feel? I feel like i might need some of that rehab tnh


Honestly, it feels much better it usually does after a shoulder day and I did all of the same movements as usual. I have pretty bad shoulders so typically after shoulder day I’m in pain, but not today.


Thats just perfect :ok_hand: good news for me I usually use a compression Strap/Band. It works great but a bitch to get it just in the right position for your upper shoulders


Wtf is a bamboo bar lol
I’ve never heard of it I don’t even know what it is shoot me a link or something or a picture or maybe I know it is something else



Now I know what you’re talking about


Great, just spent like an hour watching all the powerlifting. So much more fun. The lifts vs physiques are unreal. But, the lifts haven’t changed in years, a few pounds higher and a lot more technical training. It makes what John kuc, ed coan, mike bridges did look all the more supernatural! :grin:


Did legs last night,
Pretty much just a shit ton of sumo squats
Belt squats
And more sumo squats

This morning was chest

Bench press 135x12, 225x12, 275x6, 315x6… wanted to keep going but didn’t have a spotter so I worked my way back down to 135.

Incline dumbbell presses
100x10, 115x8, 120x6

Cable flyes



Experiencing some pain around the npp injection site, not horrible but definitely there ha. No big deal though, today is shoulders. Will fill in the workout later today.


Slacked off on my water intake on shoulder day and got pretty dehydrated, rookie mistake. Day got really busy and I didn’t make time to hydrate. Won’t happen again, on another note I’m starting to grow by the day and loving it! @Iron_Junkie_Labs any experience with the npp causing pain for a few days?


@Islandswole Nope ive gotten nothing but positive feedback, can you describe the pain? PIP can be caused by a variety of reasons, how does yours feel? Im curious Do you make it a habit of heating your gear slightly before use?
On a side not glad to hear your gaining brother! :muscle::clap:


The first few hours after pinning it just feels like slight pip but the next couple days it had slight swelling and soreness especially when flexed. I was thinking maybe it crashed slightly and didn’t notice. Nope I definitely need to get into that habit though!


Yes it probably was that it slightly crashed and you pinned it, but definitely a good idea to heat gear before use i always do just cuz it flows easier and it feels good after. Keep up the good work brother! :muscle:


Thanks brother, I really do appreciate your quick response and tips.


roughly 2 weeks ago


Hard to tell but look thicker, is that the shirt or gyno… Left side?


I was having a bad flare of gyno, been dealing with some fatty tissue there since puberty. Some days it’s none existent and others it’s noticable in light shirts like this.


Finally recovering from the flu so back to the gym tonight.