IslandSwole Contest gains and goals 2017


I actually just upped to my test to 100mg Ed.


I’ll up the tren and see how it goes! Thanks!


Proviron is pretty much a great addition to any stack correct? I noticed some guys don’t run a cycle without it.


I never cycle without it even when I cruise I use it.
Im looking into using mast prop at low doses instead of provi soon. I need to give the kidneys and liver a rest lol


Thanks Murph! Hope you enjoy your thanksgiving brother


Update pic from roughly a week and half ago, I’m super flat in this pic due to no carbs


Swole your looking bigger than me I need to start bulking again or change my name to little Murph lol

Keep killing it


Lol that was funny @Bigmurph . Yea i need to gain some more lean size to, but all in good time =)


Haha thanks brother, doing what I can.


Falling behind on updates, so far so good though. Just recovering from a pretty bad flu so haven’t been able to keep my regular nutrition. Managed to keep up with my workouts though. Switched over from @omni test prop to his test cyp. Dropping the tren in 2 weeks and picking up some npp from him as well. So it’ll be Test cyp, npp, and adrol. Loving his gear so I figured I might as well run it through the comp before picking from any other sources.


Updates coming later today, been extremely busy lately preparing for the holidays and my kids first Christmas.


Today was back and shoulders, strength is through the roof right. Growing more each week, making the switch from tren a to npp at the end of next week. Decided I’ll just cruise directly after this cycle and then hop in to a cutting cycle, if I like the way it turns out. I’ll do a show, otherwise I’ll push for the next.


I think that’s a great idea bro go for it Cruise hit the next cycle and then get on stage


Thanks for the support brother!


Last night was chest day
Switched up a bit and worked with a cool powerlifting couple.
We started out with the “Buffalo” bar focusing on strict form doing 6 sets of 5. I started out with 145 and worked up to 325 then immediately after our last set, we did spoto presses using the same bar but keeping it light with just 145 and just did a burn out set.
Next we did incline dumbbell presses on the fat bench, we did 5 sets of just burning out with moderately heavy weight.
We then immediately did push ups on boxes strictly working on the lock out position, 5 sets til burn out.
To finish up chest we hit the pec deck focusing on the contraction with moderately heavy weight for about 5 sets.
We finished off the day with some light hamstring work.
From now on, I’ll be incorporating more of the powerlifting style into my routines. Tonight is nothing but deadlifts with the same couple.
Have a great day Ugm Fam and happy holidays!


So far I’m loving the powerlifting style workouts with a mix of bodybuilding movements.
The new challenge to my body is definitely what I’ve been needing, feels great to learn new things and to be able to grasp another aspect on lifting.
Weighed in, I’m down to 230 but much bigger. This cycle has done me well in helping get to where I was and now it’s time to push my body further. Hope you all enjoy the holidays.


Good job. I always joke that I’m the elder guy on here. Late 80 early 90 Jimmy pellechia, bull Stewart, some other guys, did powerlifting meets or were specialists in a lift. Joe ladnier probably could of been pro bber. They did(and I also) power building was the coined term. Like myself, the actual lifts were done and the we would do what your doing “accessory” lifts, pulldowns, hammer curls, etc. Then some of us wanna be bberss would do heavy isolation exercises too. Also, heavy hypers and heavy Roman chair sit ups. It was great. When I started, I was getting so strong but I didn’t want to just be strong, wanted to look strong. So, instead of doing " walkouts" or deadlifts off a box. 4 inch lockouts with 120% of bench press. My point is I think you’ll continue getting goofs gains, then maybe periodize going back to a volume type bbing routine and so on. Good luck on continued gains.


This means a lot coming from you, thank you! I think I may periodically pick your brain on this stuff if you don’t mind, of course.


For sure.


Quickly falling in love with powerlifting.
Finally got my diet in check, now I’m the growth has really started.
Today is back day, not sure what we’ll be doing exactly but I’m sure it’ll kick my ass. Starting Sunday it’ll be hypertrophy week. So I’ll be back to the bodybuilding movements.
Training with one of the best female powerlifters in the country has definitely taught me a lot!

Oh and I start NPP on Sunday so I’m excited