Is not about being right


Yesterday i had a very tough experience, it was a very hard situation. After bible study i observed the two congregation leaders were crying and crying in a very peculiar manner…i know conviction when i see it. This two young men have been going hard for the well being of their church, working daily long hours and constantly helping…“always together”. after the service they came to me and asked me for a private conversation: they confessed heroin relapses during the weekend…I felt so very sad as they were telling on themselves, i felt betrayed and disappointed … all this fillings and thoughts became stronger and stronger in my mind and heart as they were speaking. Usually the consequences of this actions is immediate dismissal. i felt a loud, bold question inside of me…WHO ARE YOU? my whole life of relapses , good for nothing, can’t be trusted… went thru in my mind. If i am standing here today it is just simply because God had compassion on me and gave me another chance; Who am i to see the wrong in my brothers…when i just got it right. I held them both in my arms and said to them: Use this tears as motivation to get better, use this sadness as encouragement to make better decisions. You are forgiven, i said , go on with your duties.
I learnt in the church to stay away from the one is always right, i learnt in the church to stay away from the one that has a scripture for everybody and developed a great relationship with my pastor, who is always quiet, don’t talk much and always forgives.
There is somebody at work that needs your forgiveness, there’s somebody in your family that needs another chance…don’t let pride be in the way.God see us all equal and loves us all the same.
Father in the name of Jesus i pray for the well being of every brother and every sister on this forum, i pray for the prosperity of every home, i pray for the health of families and loved one…i pray for a forgiving day…in Jesus name.
God bless you all.


God is always forgiving. Repent your sins and God changes your life. Do unto others as you would have them do to you(Luke 6:31).


Much respect this was very good of you. I remember struggling to stay clean after being addicted to opioids. Its extremely hard. I messed up and relapsed many times at the beginning and I even relapsed after 5yrs.
I can remember at the beginning being in a halfway house that I relapsed and they kicked me onto the street at 3am. After that I used alot that night and overdosed.
In my opinion you very well could have just saved thier life.
I will caution that don’t let them mistake kindness for weakness. As I know addicts can be very manipulative. Keep a close eye and help them through this rough time.
This good will come back to help you in the future. Wheather they succeed or fail. What you put out is always what comes back in the end.

I wish them the best but have much respect for you brother


Thanks my brother


Wow… you overdosed… Jesus!!!
The Lord has blessed your life in a mighty way. Awesome,bam very proud of you


The real sinners are the makers of oxycontin. Making millions off of addicts.
Marketed as the non addictive opiate painkiller.

Is there even a need for it, or fentanyl?
Ban that stuff and legalize pot and kratom