Is it true?


is it true? that barbell decline doesnt really do a whole lot and can cause more injury than benefits from the exercise it self?

i heard this a long while back and to be honest i stopped doing them because i could actually feel a wierd strain on my shoulders from that position…however …using the machine decline seem to be pretty descent? but i still would never feel any actual pump from them

how do you view that exercise?..have you heard or experience discomfort in the shoulders with the bench decline?


I really don’t get mush from barbell inclines. I do get a lot from dumbbell inclines as I can feel more of a stretch and your hands can rotate slightly inward in the stretched position. Muscle building is a lot about contraction and stretching and I definitely feel more of a stretch with dumbbells.


oops i realized i said incline…but i meant decline . but i do hear alot that dumbells are better and u build strength better with dumbells for flat and incline as well as flys…i plan on adding dumbells for all those soon.


Your pectoralis is only one muscle from clavicle, esternon ,rib cage to your arm, it does to things: abduction (arm to the chest) and internal rotation. The anatomical configuration of the muscle includes an upper portion, right below the collar bone and this is the portion which the exercise is targeting (accessory muscles: triceps, serratus and front shoulders). Exercises are also like gear you have to find thru personal experience what is best for you


Dumb bells only for me past 3 years I won’t waist any more time on barbell


Decline barbell?..feel it more on my tris then pecs. From what I have researched the decline works more of your lower pecs and tris. I personally have not included declines in my routine for awhile…but maybe its time for a change?..hmmmm.


I personally love dips for lower chest but any type of flat press will hit your lower chest about equivalent to decline presses


yes. if anything i think and have noticed dips are the things to do. i have a dip belt that i would chain on plates as i need. great exercise and you feel a ni e pump from it too :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


I agree 100%. Dips are awesome with a slight forward lean to work the lower part of the pec.