Iron Junkie Nolva Review


I’ve been running @Iron_Junkie_Labs nolva now at 20mg ed for a few weeks. I got some after I read some pub med studies on its ability to reverse gyno, even if you’ve had it for awhile. I will start by saying, mine is very small, but just something I wanted to experiment with trying while I was cruising. I believe you’re supposed to take 20mg for 10 weeks or so.

I can definitely say that all tenderness I had is completely gone. I also can tell the lump has gone down a little bit. I am very pleased since it’s only been about 4 weeks I think.

I have not had any sides at all from the nolva either. I think at 20mg ed they are pretty non existent. If there is anyone who has some gyno, I would not hesitate to use @Iron_Junkie_Labs nolva to see if it will help you. Especially if it is bigger and more noticeable it would probably be easier to see success.

Either way, this stuff is legit. Whether you wanna use it to try to combat gyno, or as part of your pct you can rest assured it’s g2g.

Just wanted to update everyone. Thanks IJL.


Thanks brother, I recently ordered the same


Thanks much for the honest feedback Brother! I will continue to provide you all with quality and fast service for all your bodybuilding needs :slight_smile:


Wash. Rinse. Repeat. @Iron_Junkie_Labs comes through in a flash with enough Nolva to run it out the rest of my blast I just started. If anyone needs nolva, no need to go pharm grade. IJL does the job at half the cost.