IRON JUNKIE LABS price and order guide


Its going to be put on our site by tonight brother @Bandit9e37


Do you guys not do walmart to walmart anymore ?


No sorry w2w has been discontinued, btc is well known now and fairly simple to use anyone can do it, theres even a board here specifically used to help yall out with btc and other krypto currencies @Bandit9e37


Ok im gonna look into it theres a board on this site sorry for all the ?


Yes look under general and it will be called bitcoin and payment online


DNP and Tbol now posted on our website!


Please use our email [email protected] for further orders as our website is currently having some issues logging in. thank you for your support UGM! Keep growing! :muscle:

P.S - our updated list is also here on our page for your viewing under the continually updated list section.


Can I get a list


@Weedwars his list is already on here

Please email sponsor for product and price list


Thank you @Fitraver


Thanks man how long does us shipping take?


2-3 days, I’ve made a few orders with @Iron_Junkie_Labs and I assure you won’t be disappointed with the quick shipping nor the quality of the product.


I concur with @Islandswole I have placed a bunch of orders with @Iron_Junkie_Labs and not once has it taken more then two days !


@Weedwars. I’m an @Iron_Junkie_Labs Athlete and I’ve ran his Test C, and Prop. Currently running his gear exclusively consisting of their NPP, Test P, Sustanon 350, Proviron, TNE, and Aromisin. As @Islandswole and @John stated you won’t be disappointed with this source @Iron_Junkie_Labs is top notch brother!:boxing_glove::muscle::muscle::boxing_glove:


Well put @N8GainTrain you are a beast in the ring brotha :boxing_glove: :boom: :muscle:


Appreciate the support and kind words bro! A little tuning up the engine and it’s gonna be go time here in s few weeks!:boxing_glove: I’m hoping to get one more fight in before I hit 140. I’ll elaborate more in my “IJL Athlete Review Section” about my training and the game planning were doing for these bigger guys I’m going after.


Pinned a cc of @Iron_Junkie_Labs test e 300 today and man have I missed mig oil lol. That plunger goes down in about 1.5 seconds for the whole thing. So Smooth. Zero pip.


Yes brother we have gotten many good feedback about our oils smoothness and literally no PIP so you can enjoy your muscle building process with ease :muscle: thanks @Fitraver and @N8GainTrain for the kind words :pray:




Thanks for the info brother… I just got my gear yesterday… Did not realize that they have proviron I need to get some… Thanks again @Iron_Junkie_Labs IMG_20180328_190451|375x500