Iron Junkie Labs Exemestane (aromasin) - E2 bloods


I have to give a big shout out to @Iron_Junkie_Labs. I had been having some bad sides with my adex, and wanted to switch to aromasin. He hooked me up super quick. I am on 600mg test (plus 600iu hcg per week) and switched to 12.5mg aromsain eod. Pulled bloods a week later and my e2 came back perfect at 33 today. I wanted to do sensitive estradiol, since that’s better for men, it this still shows his stuff is spot on to go. And WAY cheaper than pharm grade. I will continue to run as I switch to trt dose test today and get bloods again in a month for my dr. I’ll update those as well, but I know it’s good to go. Now it’ll just be finding my accurate dose for trt. Plan to do 12.5mg 2x a week on pin days.

Thanks a ton bro. Now to see if as I stay on this longer my digestion starts to get better and dry skin/scalp issues. I also got my cholesterol checked, but lots of things can effect that, however I did read aromasin is better than adex on that. When I have been on longer in a month will be the real tell of that after just cruising.

Edit: cholesterol just cane back too and it is all back in range. Sure that is due to being off orals for 5 weeks now but sure switching adex helped.

Damn all my blood markers are perfect. Why am I cruising :wink: lmao jk gotta give bloods for doc can’t screw that up.


This is great news @Fitraver im glad it all worked out! :muscle: :wink:


Bro wasn’t 33 your exact score? Lmaooooo


Close! It was 28 i believe haha thats amazing How equally accurate it worked out for You and i haha!


I just realized you’re the one who told me about the berberine too!!! :joy::joy: I really Owe you.


Thanks for spending the time and $ to post this @Fitraver. We are all very grateful and glad that @Iron_Junkie_Labs Aro can be relied upon… Thats good to know. Filing this into my think bank. :wink:


You got it bro. IMO it’s what should be done always both for health and for the board/src. Glad to help.


Does everyone get full panels done when getting tested or just hormone. Oh yea , triglycerides. Chemistry and hemologic too. I know you must, most of you.


Great ta hear.


If I took 12.5 aromasin e2d I would crash my estro fast. You definitely run more test and don’t use proviron but im using 6.25mg 1 a wk on 300mg testosterone cyp
I will send out my test in 2wks to ge my exact number but just did bloods last month and doc said everything looked great.
The test in 2wks will be the home test so I will have the paperwork to show.
It will also show progesterone.
Just wanted to share im looking forward to trying this home siliva test


I do from the doc


Full or random ones separate like these based on what I wanna check. No need to get my test again cuz already knew it was legit from my first one.


Just to bump this and give more props to @Iron_Junkie_Labs I just got bloods again on his aromasin this time running 25mg a week split 12.5 2x on my trt dose test and got an ultra sensitive estradiol blood work and it put me right in range. Def g2g.


Definitely gonna get some I have one of each different AI or “blocker” in liquid but I really wonder if you can dose consistent. I usually don’t use but …good to knoemlll)l)k(o