Iron Junkie Labs Athlete Review


Only on day 2 of my new mix of @Iron_Junkie_Labs compounds
Tren Acetate
Test Prop
Mast Prop

I feel like a straight monster! These next 4 weeks are going to be AMAZING! Image_4446Image_4429





Looking good brother


Excellent! Keep a close eye on sides. TNE has a way of creating some crazy serum level peaks and valleys.

If you are into biting someone’s ear off let me know I will hook you up with some cheque drops. :smile:


Oh boy I am into biting ears


@John Thats because you’re a dumb Jarhead. We will eat anything.


Pretty much


@John Anyone that can eat the sausage patty out of the first generation MRE’s could easily eat the ass end out of a dead cat with no problems at all!

Sorry @N8GainTrain for highjacking your thread. You look great and don’t want to distract from your review any more. :wink:


Me to @N8GainTrain


Damn bro looking amazing! Keep kicking ass my man!


Just wanted to update my progress on @Iron_Junkie_Labs Tren Ace & Mast P, also of course with Test P. As today marks day 14 of starting these 2 compounds which I will be running for 2 more weeks until the conclusion of my 16 week cycle. I’m running the Mast at 100mg (ed) and the Tren I started at 25mg (ed) then switched to 50mg (eod) then slowly progressed to 2 pins at 70mg (eod) then yesterday I pinned 75mg (eod) which is where I will keep it for the duration of the next 2 weeks. As far as negative sides I only experienced some night sweats and a slight increase in my attitude and aggression outside the gym from around day 4 through day 6 or 7 and they have since subsided and haven’t returned. Only one slight draw back in my boxing training is that if I’m doing bag work for example if I’ve done (3) 5 minute rounds on the bag I feel more like I’ve gone (4-5) 5 minute rounds on the bag. I wouldn’t say I’m out of breath or winded but I can tell my endurance has taken a little hit but nothing that I find incredibly detrimental to my training. As I spoke with MBTJR1980 yesterday and relayed to him the pros far outweigh the cons with this compound. The power and strength increase is definitely there and evident in both my strength training and in the boxing gym. I haven’t gained a lot more weight as I’m still sitting between 142-144 (15lbs gained for the cycle) but this is intentional as I’m nearly set to have a fight locked in @135lbs. for July 28th but I’m not only looking great and solid but I must be one of the lucky ones as well bc the Tren has me feeling great as well and I actually feel better on these compounds than I have felt thoughout any cycle I’ve ran as far as well being goes. Thank you so much for being such a great sponsor for me IJL I wouldn’t be where I’m at without your unwaivering support of me thoughout these last 6 months! :boxing_glove::muscle:


Outfuckingstanding brother. Good job on being patient with the tren, and not starting out at a dumb, high number. I love mast, makes me feel good, and tight, vascular. Keep killing it bro.