Iron Junkie Labs 1-Test cyp experiences and feedback


What’s up guys, since there are so many of us interested in the 1-test cyp I thought we could start a topic.

My experiences so far have been outstanding. After doing much research I thought the PIP was going to be crippling, however, I haven’t had the slightest bit of PIP. The closest thing I can compare it to is tren. My strength has been climbing every single week and I’m only dosing at 300mg per week. I’ve been sweating like crazy and the fat is melting off of me. I honestly haven’t experienced any negative side effects thus far. This maybe one of my new favorite compounds. Here in 16 weeks I’m going to give it a full run, 12 weeks at 450mg per day and see what can happen. Anyone else running it? If so what are your thoughts?

Stay strong and humble my friends!


Thank you for sharing your experiences :slightly_smiling_face: waiting for more info.
I think about trying soon .


You bet! Yeah I’m totally new to this compound, I’m really enjoying it. Only a short 6 week run this go around, I wanted to see how my body would respond. Next go around will be awesome, can’t wait!


Real great personal experience information brother :+1: thanks for your help in sharing with the community here st UGM m, one of the best! :muscle:
We will be carrying more of this product soon for those that are interested in trying it!
Also for anybody that took advantage of our last flash sale on the 1-test cyp and you would like to share your personal experiences please post on this thread so we can all follow :slight_smile:


I have researched this compound as much as possible and honestly there isn’t alot of information out there so I like that you are keeping a log and posting information. I know 2 guys that have ran 1testcyp or DHB. Both had great results its on my list of compounds and will be my next cycle maybe a year after the primo cycle im running now. I will be following this :facepunch:


I’m super impressed with it. Actually maybe one of my new favorite compounds. A ton of benefit without many side effects :facepunch: