Iron Junkie Lab Results


*please repost pic with personal info removed @Jake


Hey there @Jake ! could you also post your cycle what it consists of and how long (details please) :slight_smile:


@Jake what was your dose? How long have you been on? What days were you pinning what? How long after last pin did you pull bloods? Those number look awesome but we need all these details before we can say how good they are.


Running 300mg cyp, 1mg npp, 1 mg eq - eod.
4 weeks on at time of pull. Less than 24 hours from last injection to blood pull.

I was on stage late April. 165lbs 5% bf.
Currently 180ish 10%. 5’8” tall
Up roughly 4lbs muscle mass per inbody machine in 3 weeks. Variables of course. Best guess, up 4-5lbs of muscle 4 weeks into cycle.

Strength significantly improved.

I’ve been running IJL probably 6 months now and thru last prep. Orals, oils etc.

Great customer service!


That is an insanely high number for being on 300. Probably due to you not even waiting 24 hours after pin. Have you only been pinning once a week or splitting e3.5d? For future reference you will want to wait longer after pin to pull bloods for us to get an accurate reading. How long depends on how you’re dosing it.

Ijl def has quality test tho. I’ve done bloods twice myself with great numbers. Appreciate you doing bloods.


@Fitraver He meant 1ml eod so 3ml a week


Ohhhhh I thought that just applied to eq :joy::joy::joy:

So @John you were on about 1050mg/we here?


Also been running humalog pre and post for last 4 weeks. Probably a topic for another thread. Lots of opinions on safety etc.
I’ve been injecting 6iu pre, 8 iu post. Kind of conservative for now. Cheers!


300 eod


300mg cyp eod along with 1ml npp & 1ml eq also eod


Fitraver- you have any other questions?


Okay cool so yeah about 1050mg week. In hat case I’d say cause you didn’t wait long enough after pin the number is showing a tad low. But either way we know it’s a solid number and @Iron_Junkie_Labs rest is def g2g. As many have shown. Again appreciate the bloods.


I don’t spend much time on this board. I just wanted to make sure IJL got props for labs


Appreciate that for sure man. How are you likin npp and eq together. Prolly hard to tell with eq being such a long ester. You using the npp as a kick basically?


IJL is the balls duch a cool ass dude! Much love and respect my brotha :metal:t2::facepunch:t2:


Thanks for the labs bro and also for showing love to IJL hes the man!


Just curious as why such a low dose on the cyp?


It wasn’t low dose. If you read through he was doing 1ml eod. He was over a gram a week. I was COnfused at first too.


Got it…thanks for the clarification.