Iron Junkie Compounds I've ran and voch for



Some of the products I’ve personally used with great success!!! Try for yourself and see you won’t be disapointed @Iron_Junkie_Labs
6 + months with “IJL”…they have been representing the for at least 6 months. I don’t care how you slice it. If you are familiar with the fight game (weather it be MMA or Boxing) you simply don’t climb the ranks the way I have (7 weight classes) from fighting at 112-140lbs. Without
A) Hard work
B) Dedication
C) Extreme & Unparalleled work ethic
D) A SPONSOR LIKE @Iron_Junkie_Labs

TREN A 100Image_87
MAST P 100 Image_3723




Okay, I think I have them all edited in now. I may be missing a couple but fir the most part this should give you guys an idea.


Great post my man! Your one of the Best athlete a sponsor can hope for brother.


I might have missed one or 2 compunds but I think I got the all. Hopefully this helps some potential customers veiw some of your products and see first hand the quality. As for myself and my personal experiences they have been nothing short of amazing!


Have you ever had any blood work done or any that you could post?


I’ve personally ran every product on this list besides TNE and will definitely vouch for them as well. Keep up the good work fellas.


Thanks bro I appreciate that! :boxing_glove:


I have had blood work done for my personal knowledge, will be running more of his stuff next cycle and will post the labs once I have them done. I think we all need to start posting labs for each source we run. I know @Fitraver is an advocate for this.


I’m at work (my day job) right now. I will get into this further with you later on if you don’t mind brother. I work with a team Dr do it’s kinda complicated to explain while I’m at work


@N8GainTrain dude you are amazing and i have all the respect in the world for you!!! Keep killin it my bro! Glad to have you as brother :facepunch:t2: @Iron_Junkie_Labs you def get a ton of respect from me also you are by far one of the best sponsors around and your products are :fire:


@MBTJR1980 thank you for the kind words brother :slight_smile:


Likewise my dude & the respect is very much mutual. Thanks for everything bro :muscle:


Test E 300 ( I did miss one at least for sure.)


Great pics my friend. I got a small order coming my way. This will be my first go with IJLs line. I hope I respond well to his products. I’ve heard nothin’ but good feedback.


My pleasure my bro! Just doing what i do giving my honest feedback you deserve the props!!!


You are my brother from another mother lol im here for you and got your back my man :facepunch:t2:


Trust me you will love the gear, customer service, and t/a all get 5 out of 5 stars :star:


Great ta hear…I’m looking forward to using his line.


I haven’t Run Labs, but what I can say is that I’ve gained 10lbs of muscle since using test e and Tren a. So, the shit is real…oh, and I’m leaner. Win win! Thanks for a great product @Iron_Junkie_Labs


@brent1111 thank you for the kind and honest words bro :pray: :blush: