Iron Junkie comes through again! (Cruise & next cycle prep)


My sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs comes through again with lighting speed even with the 4th of July slowing things down still received pack in under 4 days. ( Test E ×2, TNE ×2, Dbol inject, NPP “uncrashed” as promised, and Proviron)


WOOOOOO INJECT DBOL AND TNE!!! When I’m running both those as PWO in my head, I can’t fit thru doors!!!


Thats a beautiful family you have there.


His Npp, and inject dbol in one cycle? Prepare for some massive gains. Good stuff as usual @Iron_Junkie_Labs


No bro…I’m on a cruise right now. Just came off a NPP cycle. I closed the cycle out with Tren A, Mast, Test P. This is a partial order in preparation for my upcoming cycle in mid August to September. Which I am preparing for massive gains tho only with Deca this time with the Dbol. The NPP I’m using at a low dose during my cruise in an effort to provide some of the joint relief I got from it during my cycle.


Beautiful site from one of the best @Iron_Junkie_Labs :point_up:t2:


You kno it my boy! :muscle: & It’s only going to get better and more beautiful :boxing_glove:


Understood bro, smart move. Hope you dominate your upcoming fight as usual.


Thanks bro! I very much appreciate that and you support! It’s definitely going to be a tough one. He’s an incredible fighter. We fought each other twice in the amateurs and have sparred on a few occasions as well so we kno each other’s styles pretty well but he used to be the bigger fighters that would come down in weight to meet me. Totally different story now. We’ll come up with a solid game plan and execute as we always do. I have an incredible team and trainer who will have me well prepared.


No doubt bro, you definitely seem to be passionate and knowledgeable about your craft. I like the fact you respect your opponent’s ability while knowing what you’re capable of. Keep that mindset and you’ll go far. Keep it up bro.


One of the keys to winning a fight or any competition for that matter is to never underestimate your opponent


Good point, never under estimate your opponent, that’s why my lieutenant would drop a 500 bomb on the House then we go look at the house ha ha ha


I know a tremendous amount about different sports; from football, baseball, basketball, and fighting. This bottom line in all of them anything can happen at any time. Momentum is key but can easily be shifted in all sorts. The one thing about fighting or boxing’s is that one big shot could end the fight in a hurry. You can not and must not underestimate any opponent. EVER! They are there to win the game or knock me out just the same as I am them. They are there to fight and win not show up and lose.