Iron Junkie Athlete Upcoming Fight


I wanted to share this with UGM bc I’m excited as hell and proud to say I’ve came as far as I have in the last few months thanks to some help and advice from some of you guys here on the forum and a big THANK YOU TO @Iron_Junkie_Labs for helping me reach my goals of climbing through these weight classes and helping me to not only rededicate myself to my craft but be as dominant now as I once was.

I’ve been fighting at flyweight & bantamweight most of my life recently been tearing thru the featherweight (125lb) division. Tomorrow is my first sparring (I say sparring bc it’s not sanctioned by a governing body, it’s a fighter from another gym) match at lightweight (132). Make no mistake about it this will be a 6 round fight/bout. We’ll weigh in today as long as we are 132 or (-2lbs) it’s on and official. I’m teetering right at 131. The guy I’m facing will make weight but tomorrow he’ll come into the ring close to 140. The guy is big and he’s good in the lightweight division, but I’m great in every division I’ve stepped into & he hasn’t seen speed and a skill-set quite like mine. Gonna be a dog fight and I can’t wait! :boxing_glove::muscle::boxing_glove:

My next goal for my next cycle is to move up 2 more weight classes, 1st light welterweight, then welterweight of at least 147lb. and then start dedicated most of my time to developing and working with the younger up and coming fighters. :boxing_glove::boxing_glove::muscle::boxing_glove::boxing_glove:

Let’s make no mistake about it, I’M READY! Bigger guy or not…in the words of the great Floyd Mayweather " Great athletes don’t fold under pressure, I preform better under pressure. So put pressure on me"


Im so stoked for you brother!! know that IJL will be backing your every move from here on out brother, your going to kick some serious ass bro, lets do this! :boxing_glove: :muscle:


Thanks brother I appreciate the support! It’s incredible for me to have IJL backing me! No doubt I’m going to kick some ass bro…I’m in the ass kicking business.


Hey brother, good luck! Respect all the work that goes into getting there.


Thanks bro. I never underestimate any opponent. I have respect for any man who’s willing to get in that ring and face another man, one on one and either take it or give it. I appreciate the support bro


My favorite thing about the fight game and boxing is its all you. Nobody else takes the bloody noses, the broken ribs, literally the blood sweat and tears, it’s all yours and how great you are solely depends on you and how much you want it and when things aren’t going your way in that ring, that’s when you find out who you are. :boxing_glove::muscle:


Spoken like a true champ :boxing_glove:


I spoke with IJL last night. I weighed in at a ready 131.5, my opponent looking dehydrated like he hasn’t eaten or drank anything in 2 days & came in at the 132lb limit. He talked his typical shit, and I simply looked him in his eyes and said we’ll see. He’ll most likely come in 10lbs heavier but that’s okay. I told him be prepared to leave early bc you won’t last the full 6 rounds. He’s too slow, flat-footed, and he can’t hit what he can’t see.
ITS ON UGM! :boxing_glove:

Time for my first early morning breakfast and my run!


@Iron_Junkie_Labs @UNITED @TrenGod & all of my UGM Family here thanks for y’all’s support and well wishes. Time to get focused and locked in for the day!


Good luck on your fight brother.



Prefight motivation…time to get it in!