Iron Junkie Athlete (post fight analysis)


Thanks bro! Glad I could bring you some happiness today brother. I’m still not satisfied tho. I’m going to continue to bust my ass and keep getting better. I’m addicted to winning and one day of slacking off or not giving my best to perfecting my craft could give me an “L” so I’m going to enjoy this one for a couple days and it’s back to work.


AAAAWWWEEESOME!!! nice well planned and executed and love that u train well beyond the limits so your stamina and body is tuned and used to ir as second nature…so anything lower is a walk in the park! awesome man!!


That what separates the good from the great bro! Being never satisfied is what drives you to continue to push to sharpen your arsenal of weapons inside the ring! Im so happy for you my bro you deserve nothing but the very best!!


@MBTJR1980 that means a lot coming from you brother a fellow sponsored athlete…not only that a beast like yourself to recognize and give me credit when you yourself deserve so much! Thanks big dog!


I’m going to send you a PM when I get off work today if that’s okay with you bro. I have a question or two I would like to ask you and I’m hoping you could help me out with the answers I’m looking for or maybe enlighten me a little bit.


Thank you bro that means the world to me also! Id be more than happy to help you in any way i can brotha! We are iron brothers, both sponsored athletes and part of the best forum/family here at UGMuscle! We take care of our own always im here for you my man :wink::facepunch:t2:


Nice work bro, congrats on the victory! Keep crushing it👊