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My Sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs is absolutely the best💯. He reached out to me a few days ago to ask if I would be interested in trying/adding some Anadrol into my current cycle, which for those of you that don’t know is NPP, SUST 350, TEST PROP, AND PROVIRON. As an IJL ATHLETE they are very aware of what my goals are with my upcoming fight as well as my overall goals for the complete cycle. After a little fluctuating back and forth on the scale due to high intensity training in the boxing gym, I’m sitting at 137 (+or- 1/2lb) which was 137.2 yesterday the highest morning weight I’ve reached throughout my boxing career and up 8 lbs for the first 3 & 1/2 weeks into this cycle. The gains I’m making even burning so much in the gym are nothing short of amazing in my book. But after a few talks/discussions with them he offered to send me a pack of Anadrol to try and throw on this extra strength and bulk before this fight.

If this isn’t proof that @Iron_Junkie_Labs has the best interest of their Athlete at heart, I don’t know what is. I couldn’t ask for a better sponsor, or advisor to have in my corner!

Once the Anadrol arrives in the next few days I’m going to run 50mg a day for 3-7 days see how I respond to that and then bump to 100 (ed) if all is going well.

So with all this being said. When I not only win this upcoming fight but when I get the Knockout April 21st, this fight and K.O. will be dedicated to IJL simply for their dedication to me. :fist_right::fist_left::100:

Anyone with any experience with Anadrol that has any feedback about different ways to get the most out of this compound feel free to chime in. I’m always open to suggestions or advice from any and all my brother’s and sisters here on UGM! :muscle::fire:

Thanks again IJL! Y’all have come through for me once again and I plan to do the same for y’all. Im aiming to give this guy a nap and sleep his ass​:sleeping::face_with_head_bandage::grey_exclamation: Especially once he realizes I’ve came all the way up to his weight and won’t be a need for him to come down and meet me at a catch weight!!!:boxing_glove:Image_09





Starting weight (just under Lightweight) this much increase in about 3 weeks! Added weight but seem faster and I know I’m hitting alot harder! :boxing_glove::muscle:


Outfuckingstanding bro, kill kill kill!!!


After getting to the gym this morning up another half pound. I’m trying not to get to obsessed with it…Image_4149


@N8GainTrain we couldnt be more please to have you as our athlete brother you have been nothing short of spectacular, i mean you kick ass for a living and your beast at it! Thats freagin awesome brotha! :clap:
I have no doubt you will succeed! and that Anadrol is king along with NPP or Deca for adding pure bulk/weight. Happy growing brother :blush: :muscle:
Thank you for being such an awesome and dedicated individual, we couldnt ask for a better Athlete. :fist_right::fist_left:


Keep it up man, making great progress!


Thanks @Islandswole I appreciate the recognition. I’ve been busting my ass to make this progress bro as I’m sure we all are. I’m not a guy that likes to settle for good progress tho…I still have alot of progress to make before I reach my goal and when I reach those goals I still won’t be satisfied. I can always learn more and be better not just in my craft of boxing but in life in general.


Likewise @Iron_Junkie_Labs I am proud to be backed by such an incredible sponsor as IJL! Having y’all as basically part of my advisory team in my training camp has been a tremendous help to me in climbing through and excelling in the higher weight classes. I have been kicking ass as you put it but I have lost fights in the past and I took those lumps as leaning experiences. Since getting back into the ring on a regular basis about 3 years ago I’ve lost once ( my first fight back and the following was a draw.) I haven’t lost since 9-0 straight and don’t plan on losing another! Winning is what I do bc I don’t think about losing bc that’s when you lose. Between myself and my trainer and our dedication to each other, the support of my wife and son, IJL, and my local friends and fanbase… that’s all the motivation and support I need. And of course my new family and friends here at UGM! :boxing_glove::boxing_glove:


Thats is so amazing bro! Make you ghost this dude and put his ass to sleep with the quickness! Im rooting for you bro. Anadrol is very strong and can produce massive gains in short period of time. To a new user 20lbs of raw bulk can be added as long as sufficient calories are being consumed. I doubt with all the cardio and calorie expenditure that will be the case but you will still gain. Be sure to have some anti estrogens available in case gyno comes on but overall i like the compounds you are running. Give the muthafucka hell bro :facepunch:t2:


@MBTJR1980 I appreciate your vote of confidence brother and I’m happy to hear you have my back and are rooting me on as well bro! Im a quite humble guy outside the ring but inside I’m a whole different animal. Losing is not an option I live by so I’m looking for the typical outcome but he’s a good fighter and Ive never underestimated anybody who’s willing to step in that ring so I gotta prepare the same way for everyone. Even more so facing these bigger fighters and bigger punchers. But at the end of the day they are a fighter just like me and intimidation isn’t a factor as far as I’m concerned. He knows who I am and he’ll see first hand he hasn’t faced a guy with my skill set yet…he will have his hands full no doubt brother🥊


@MBTJR1980 love the cote of confidence brotha! :facepunch:
I know @N8GainTrain will get were he needs to with that Adrol weight wise and strength wise, but like @MBTJR1980 said make sure you are eating plenty of good foods brotha so that you have the fuel you need to grow, i dont care how much jucie your on, it wont matter if you dont got the #1 primary fuel which is quality food brotha. And plenty of it! But I’m sure your trainer has you on the best diet for your needs :muscle:


He keeps me on a pretty solid diet but how long it consist of goes hand in hand with how long camp is he’s pretty lax on me until the last 3-4 weeks of camp if I’m coming up in weight. If I’m trying to lose and come down in weight we pretty much eat together as his wife prepares my meals the entire training camp except for 2 days a week. My trainer is one of the best st what he does imo.


Sounds like a good coach only thing id like to add is that off-season is where all the progress is made and where more people need to concentrate their efforts with paying attention to their diets and staying on top of their cardio so that they gain quality weight not just sheer bulk. Unless you are blessed with a gifted metabolism and never gain fat everyone should be keeping track and weighing their food off-season. It only makes it that much easier when its time to diet down and you will end up retaining much more size since you didnt allow yourself to get too out of shape. Trust me after 20+ years that is something i wish i had put more emphasis on at a younger age


@MBTJR1980 well put brother very well put!


@MBTJR1980 Solid advice bro. A couple things from my perspective. 1) The game I’m in there is no off season. I stay ready to fight year round as I like to stay busy so I don’t loose my edge and stay sharp. When I was in my 20’s I could eat whatever i wanted (fast food, junk food, pizza, etc,…you name it. I guess I was one of the lucky ones who never had to worry about weight. I fought as a flyweight and bantamweight and never had to worry about making weight bc that was my walk around weight. Now on the other hand that I’ve decided there is no more for me to prove in those weight classes as I’ve gotten older and decided to move up and prove myself not just to me but to everyone I can dominate at any weight class I choose to fight in I’ve had to start dialing in my diet and working on different things in the gym and in training camps to deal with the bigger guys. My metabolism is still very good and I can eat pretty much as I please without to much concern but with that being said as I have started eating a lot better I feel alot better inside and outside the ring. I’m now a FIRM believer in what you put in your body determines how you feel and so much more.


Couldnt say it better myself bro. Just try to keep your diet clean and eat enough to gain for the heavier weight class while maintaining your quickness and speed! Thereis nothing you cant accomplish as long as your mind is made up. Get after it brotha! I truly believe with IJL behind you nothing will stop you from KOing this dude! Nighty night i out you to sleepy time lmao hell yeah bro get this dude :boxing_glove:


@MBTJR1980 There are a few things in my favor in this fight bro…he’s coming down in weight to meet me at a catch weight so he’s gonna lose some power, he’s a lefty and I’ve never lost to a southpaw in my life, he likes to try and use different angles but one of my biggest strengths is cutting off the ring, so he’ll have a difficult time trying to set up those angles. These last 2 weeks of camp pretty much the majority of training has been building stamina. He’s a different, crafty fighter but he hasn’t faced somebody like me yet. The plan is to drag him down the stretch and see if I can’t give him a nap later in the fight! :boxing_glove::sleeping:


Oh yeah the odds are getting better and better in your favor my man! Anytime someone has to cut down hard to make weight their performance and power is gonna be affected considerably. Make sure that you stay tight on the foot work and snap that jab like your are trying to make the back of his head hit his ass cheeks lmao! I truly believe that you are gonna put this dude to bedtime as long as you let him where himself out conserving your energy till you see an opening then boom lights out bitch!!! Ill be imcluding you in my nightly prayers my man go out there and do what you do best and show everybody that you are the real deal!!


Definitely bro. Without getting into too much detail thats part of the plan. Like I said he likes to use different angles when he fights so he’s constantly trying to set up and as long as I keep touching him with my jab he’s gonna have to keep resetting. Having to reset over and over will force him to not only spend alot of energy for nothing he will be forced to fight my fight and he don’t want that at all. Once I see he’s running out if gas I’ll start walking his ass down and that should be all she wrote…but that’s only plan A. There’s always plan B,C,D, and so on…