Introduction from ldog


What’s up UG. I’m glad to be a part of this community. I’ve been in the game for over 20 years and am established on several other boards! I’m here to help if you need an old man’s advice😂




Welcome brother


How old? Strict requirements for the Geezer division! Welcome.


Welcome ldog glad to have you around brother
Hit me up anytime brother im always here to help if you have any questions me @Bigmurph and @SemperFi can always help

I just wanted to add the older you are the better brother I love having guys that have information that spans all the decades


Welcome bro


47 my brother!


Much respect bro. I’ve been using gear for over 20 years…pretty much nonstop…blast and cruise but mostly moderate blasts and few cruises. Don’t drink or use rec drugs which has helped me stay healthy. At 47, I can still hang with these young bucks!!




I like to hear that but you’re still a young buck yourself nowadays with hgh available you can’t say that you are old until about 65 and then you just up your dose of trt and add another iu of gh lol








Welcome to UG.


Welcome bro. I’m happy to have another Devil Dog in the community.



Semper fi welcome brother




I didn’t realize that you had served I added you to our ugm veterans group so you can now access that category