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Hello everyone! Glad to be hear new to the group and new to the gear game. I am 33 started lifting young as I was a big kid. Lifted all throughout high school pretty heavy, then got into the drinking and ect. Needless to say quit lifting all together. Long story short got sobered up 12 years ago been lifting 6 days a week for the past year or so, not getting the results or strength that I thought I should be so had my test check came in at 443 not happy about that, so now I am awaiting my first order to arrive so I may start my new journey. I have already learned a lot just from all the reading and look forward to learning even more. Glad I am hear with you all, very professional and passionate group!


Glad to have you around brother




Thank you @Bigmurph @Pastor


Welcome to the board.


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Welcome my man to the fam!


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My pleasure please feel free to hit me up for any help and hit up United to handle any of your needs gear related :muscle:t2:


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Pm him or email him at [email protected]


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