Introducing your child into fitness/bodybuilding


Being I was introduced into bodybuilding, the very basic part, at the age of 12 by my father and I believe it helped define my character mostly in a positive light… those being principal, commitment and discipline. All that come without accountability of a coach or teammates.

Would you guys introduce you children into bodybuilding, why or why not and if so what age?


I would introduce them young around 12 to just body weight exercise once there 16 then I would put them on a bench or any other free weight or machine. At 12 I would let him or her use any cardio machine but I believe lifting metal you should wait until atleast 16. There will be alot of different outlooks on this question because there are so many different opinions and variables. You really have to think about the injuries that could come early on if there tendons and joints are not ready to be pushing weight.

Honestly great question