Intro and where to get AOL goodies!


I would like to say it is a honor to be able to provide to our community my passion. The passion to create, the passion to fuel change with products we take GREAT pride in producing.

Rest assured with Alpha Omega Labs, what you see on the label is what you get. Our number 1 priority is and always will be quality. Our CLIENTS trust us with their health and what they are getting is what it should be. No gimmicks, no fillers (besides the orals) no BS, just straight-up milli****s to fuel your bodies to push that extra rep.

Our 2nd priority is turn-around. We know all to well how life gets in the way and you may forget a item. This is why once we collect the funds a message is sent to the shipping team to release the order the same day. Provided funds are made available with enough time for us to collect and make it to the P.O. your order will fly out the same day!

The 3rd and should be up with #1 is safety/security. Our website is hosted in Iceland, has no logs on their end or ours via the shop. We actually ENCOURAGE our clients to use fake names IF they choose to register for “one-click” re-order’s, as long as the package makes it to you, we do not care what name you use.

We are domestic so packages will arrive in a timely manner!
We ship flat rate for $5 tracking is provided with each order either the same day but in most cases the following morning after it has shipped.

As we grow our product line will increase, again rest assured it will be top quality.

It is our hope that we will be able to help some of you reach those fitness goals, no matter how big or small.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pm or contact us via email [email protected]

Our website of course is:

Should you just want to use email please email me at [email protected] and I can shoot you over a list.

Thanks everyone!

Team AOL


Very nice intro and welcome again my brother!! Your values align very nicely with what our members here at UGM expect from our verfied sources. Ill def be checking out your website and product list as ive heard many good things about your lab :ok_hand:t2:


Welcome to the board.



OUT of Exemestane and running VERY low on adrol. We have ordered our packs as we are supposed to but have had 2 “stuck” in customs for a few months! It happens from time to time, never opened by customs as well. The 2 packs are moving again and we will have everything back in-stock PLUS some new items. Please be patient. If you guys like I can turn on ordering for these products so you can order what you need and we ship what we are out of when it arrives. We tried to get emergency packs of these items but I feel the original packs will arrive ahead of time. Rest assured though that with all the packs we ordered and tried to get here we will NOT be running short for a LONG time!


I have a wickr


If you need a list please email me! If you like to say hi or ask a quick question just wickr me (get enough emails and im about to turn my wife into my secretary…im not sexiest lol…she has a masters in B.A. and is now my full-time partner. I will have her make an account and chat with us all on here @Bigmurph would her account be able to say the same as mine or something to the effect?


Beauty and brains you are a lucky man!! Ive been blessed with a smart beautiful wife myself, behind every great man is a great woman!!


@AlphaOmega how did your IGF experimentation go?