I called the authority above me yesterday and told him: - Sir it will be impossible for us to attend the gathering on the 12th of June as you already now my place has been up and down; in two years of work i have not found faithful laborers, is almost the end of the month and all bills are coming…considering also all the expenses of the trip and hotel accommodations, considering also the balance on the account is that i see we will not be able to make it…I will send my wife though as a representative. Sadly he answered -There is always a way, always a solution…I knew what he was suggesting and i answered - please sir no financial help, i gotta go thru what i gotta go thru. Okay he said and we hanged up. For the next following 10 minutes i felt so bad, i felt small and troubled…This is the person that has seen me going thru major trials in life…my heart started beating faster and i heard God’s voice so loud: You can make it…you are gonna make it…i never left you son…i did not bring you this far to leave you now… I called my authority right back and said please sir forgive me, forget the conversation we just had, i will be there with all my people.
If there is anything in your mind troubling you right now, if there is a bad situation in your life, if you have doubts right now about the future; Am here to tell you you are gonna make it, you are a champion, you are wonderfully made, you have every thing you need to be successful.
Father in the name of Jesus i pray for every brother and sister on this forum, i pray for their families and loved ones, i pray for unity and prosperity in their homes, i pray for wisdom to make great decisions in life and the strength to carry on …in Jesus name. God bless you all


Of all the days…I truly, truly needed to get spoken to today. I know it was through u , but thank you.


You are welcome champion


Iron Sharpens Iron.

@Pastor Thanks for sharing preacher man.