Injecting in the Gluteus Medius


2mL the first go? Probably should rethink that. :wink: You wont be able to walk if you have an adverse reaction or miss the mark.

Probably nothing to worry about but I thought I would throw it out there.


Go big or go home right? And I just realized my pin tomorrow is actually almost 3. Lol

Iโ€™ll wait to jjst do my cruise pin Thursday. Lol


Go big and possibly stay home. :rofl:




Just shows we are on the same page BM :wink:


I use 25g 1.5โ€ for all my injections bro. And usually shoot 3ml at a time since i take all my gear eod to keep blood levels as steady as possible


It has(for years but a decade feels like 2 years now) been the spot. The best practice is to lay on your side. Of course that is for a 2 person job. I do it. So anyone can. Its just better for im injections to have everything relaxed. For myself, I go an inch or so rotating up and down or a bit to rear.


I use 25g 1" for pretty much everything but I periodically use 27g 1.25" mainly for the smaller gauge but I canโ€™t find 27g 1" or Iโ€™d probably use those for everything. I stopped hitting the gluteus maximus a long time ago so no real need for longer than 1"


25g 1 inch


All the time- particularly w/ big pins- 2cc+. Virtually no nerve endings there, so virtually no pain


Works everytime. And easy as hell to do.