Injecting in the Gluteus Medius


Does anyone use this spot?!? I just had a very eye opening moment lol. When you flex your glute really hard, this super meaty spot pops up that is between your normal glute (gluteus Maximus) and your vg. It’s a little higher up towards the waist line and hip. I never ever noticed it before but it looks prime to inject in.

Maybe I have just been living under a rock and this is a common spot but I never noticed it because unless flexing its impossible to see.

This pic should help:


I hit that spot all the time bro. It works out great and never has really ever given me a problem


@MBTJR1980 niiiiice.

I was just told by @Berserker that I may be actually referring to the dorsogluteal in my description. To me it looks close to the spot in the pic but either way it looks meaty as hell


Yeah bro its a very nice easy spot to hit up


Based on your picture that’s where I been going… isn’t the VG close to that as well?


Vag is over on the side more


Assuming you stay flexed when hitting it? I’d be afraid I’d miss if I didn’t. Cuz it legit disappears haha


Ive done it so much i know where it is but ill usually felx it first then relax it when injecting


The VG is on the side just below the hip bone.



Different muscle


I did an experiment. I sat in an uncushioned chair and found the crested muscle above the maximus while relaxed.



Lmaooooo @TrenGod :joy::joy::joy::joy:


LMAO… Sneaky.


This is actually the spot I inject because its hard for me to get a pin in the correct place in my glute and be able to push the plunger without scraping the needle up and down or side to side causing a really painful inj
I do use the glute also but only if I don’t have enough pin rotation sites.


So I flex and then hit it but relax once im in to prevent pip.
If you keep it flexed atleast for me it becomes a painful injection


I just wrote the same thing lol
Sorry should have read the full thread lol


Good to know @Bigmurph I may try it tomorrow for 2ml with test and mast p :grin:


What gauge you guys use @Bigmurph @Berserker @MBTJR1980