Injectable version of DBOL



Yes i agree, the only oral I actually like is Proviron


I at one point was set on running inj var for the reasons of getting more out of each mg.
I actually decided against it and ran the oral because for me 6-8wk of ed pinning 1ml just didn’t fit into anything that I was going to run. All the other inj plus another inj ed was just going to be to much for me. Im actually having trouble with the 5 inj 3x 2/ml and 2x 125mg at 1/2 a ml. im doing now with my primo cycle. Then also hgh at 2iu 5 days a wk. I can’t wait to start using the pcom 200mg/ml that I have.

If you can fit all the inj into your cycle then you have to worry about who you get the inj oral from because they crash easily and if brewed wrong can be painful.

If you can get through those issues I believe that inj dbol will be amazing.

Im curious would you inj it im or sub q?
I would think im but if you could inj sub q it would be an amazing pwo inj.
If you do run a inj oral let us know how it goes. Im really curious about this because im very concerned about using so many oral compounds. I take all the precautions but they always still do damage.

When it comes to the bio availablity I definitely believe that you will get more bang for hour buck.


Feel like that would be asking for a big lump or pain shooting ml sub q of that.


@Bigmurph Haven’t really thought about the type of injection. I assume I would go IM. Don’t really care for the knots of Sub-Q and I am now pretty lean so I would be walking around topless looking like I was attacked by a hive of Bald Face Hornets. :wink:


IM all the way for me!


I would go im with dbol also but I run ephedrine hcl amps sometimes as a pwo and inj sub q. Its also a water base also but that instant effect would be great to get from a sub q dbol inj.
When I could still run dbol without the horrible sides I get now it was 20mg usually pwo and I felt amazing during those workouts.


You are confusing me BM. Instant effect from sub-Q??? More blood flow IM than SQ. Why would sub-Q be quicker in regards to effect? Thanks.


I agree…better absorption and less painful.


I’m not sure if it applies to all compounds but I take a 25mg/ml epedrine hcl amps and 15 min after a sub q inj I feel like a demigod i n the gym.
I can’t explain the science because I honestly dont know the ingestetion time frame of the inj sub q. is compared to a IM inj. The var that I had mentioned in my earlier post I would have use IM . If I were to use a winstrol aqua base or any other aquabase I would definetly use it subq .
I have never tried an inj oral besides ephedrine hcl so i’m basing all my knowledge on just this one compound.
If I could get a supply of anavar 25mg?ml I would run it 25mg ed to start with then I would up the dose or even drop it down if it raelly hits you hard.

So my answer is truly just an opinion from my evperirce with a aqua base.
I don’t have studies and kinks to show you some different mediical evidence to back it up.
You have me wanting to order some inj var now though i’m off to do sume reasearch.

here is a good pubmed explaining the differences between the IM,IV. and subq


I used IPS Gen xx from UK. I actually like Walt’s stuff on sale only. But, its straight oil school apricot oil or some shit. The TMT and tri tren make me not feel healthy but I look good. Inj Anavar was on his old buy 2 get 4 or some crazy promo. Then the older eroids guys will remember Roxi labs.


Now you have me wanting to try inj var


Please…I respect the heck out of you but that article is an example of …nothing… It was meta analyses of horrible studies. Not listing when, the size, the compliance rate…etc, etc. The drugs “Studied” /??, used? Were a few of the most tightly regulated, well studied prepar111ations around usually needing double sign off…witnessing…anyway Wikipedia cited? None of those meds would include a placebo as the subjects are in active disease. But , who knows…haha I rather take 500mg daily of sub q ANADROL than a biologic like methyltrexate !! Ok, yes there is shortage of RNs but when the INRpatient comes back needing a revamp of heparin units or bolus size a subQ lovenox or heparin let the patient figure it out or the doc​:skull::skull::skull:. But, probably not many on subject. And use of spreading agents like Wydase many years back proved a bad idea. Why did I do this again…try sub q vs IM…don’t iv your cypionate however. And just ask a opioid or opiate iv user if he would rather Skin pop or get a dose through a well place iv cannulas


Great points brother


Thanks for sharing all the information and experience with the use of injectable dbol. I am going to hold off on using it for now.


sorry If I sounded a little perturbed… some things are in my “wheelhouse” but I can’t type and get off topic. One is A.D.D. , the other reason is I think how can everyone understand what i write because i dont ever want to sound like I know even half of it all. Some “studies” are crap and filled with a bunch of fluff. A lot have agendas, and really I rather have the experiences of us all Then a 35 person study done in 2002 and then 10 years later a review of same study. Remember Ruddman et .all from the early 90s from univ. of Wisconsin(i think) it was the only Growth hormone study referenced for years and years. Drug studies and such are under the same : First do no harm, so a subject with diagnosed auto immune disease cant get a placebo for 35 weeks. They can try a new med, a new delivery, but the delivery has to be known to get into system, maybe inferior but still viable. Insulin drips, heparin drips and ketamine etc. Results would be gone over with patients consent for the length they were treated and maybe over the course of 5 years 150 patients on a heparin drip to prevent DVTs or whatever could be compared to other patients that their method ( the best at the time for their signs and symptoms )was Sub Q. it would be like for TRT reading all results for 50mg of androgel daily VS 200 mg cypionate weekly. it would never be 1.5 g of Cypionate per week VS 200 mg suspension daily SubQ. I remember reading at pro muscle years ago , Emeril “with a D” Deltzkrieg or some shit swearing by 15mg perday Sub Q with 29g 1/2 inch, some guys did it well, but he had parameters and if you were outside them he said go back to IM, ETc, Etc. In the dermis and the epi theres a lot of capillaries and absorption maybe sub Q is good for that. We want meds to go into Blood then llymph, so IV would IMO be best in all situations if the compund was iso tonic , the right pH, vicosity, Etc. Damn, I was gonna erase this but Ill leave it. I think we were getting into different delivery methods of injectable version of usual orals. I gotta go back to ordering shit or answering with a 2 sentence remark


@rnmuscle I read every word with an open mind to absorb the information and a smile on my face.

We won’t learn anything new if our glass is already full or unwilling to extend grace to others who want to share something they believe in.

By all means go order some gear but don’t change your style on my behalf. :pray::call_me_hand:


Thanks brother I enjoyed that


I ain’t changing shit…we got all we need to be big and lean


@Bigmurph I saw Mike Arnold give a review of some injectable SD where he is shooting 12mg 2x a day sub q and says it’s the best superdrol he has ever used (this is not necessarily relevant) but he also said it has not given him an appetite suppression like all previous SD he has done and is absolutely stronger than the oral at that dose. Perhaps some justification for what you were getting at about sub q. Or maybe that’s just a fact for it being injectable in general vs oral, but I thought you’d find it interesting he was doing sub q.

I think it is 40mg so that’s .3ml 2x a day which I guess I not really much for sub q and it’s water based so makes sense. Sounds like his gains from it that way are just as good too. Never thought about using it sub q now I’m wanting to get some and try it. Ever used SD either.