Injectable tbol (any other typically oral compounds)


Is this a thing?? I always see superdrol, anavar, dbol, adrol, and windy of course but wondering if anyone has done tbol? I saw some back in the day when googling but haven’t seen any lately.

Also, I know winny is painful as fuck when in water but better in oil. Are these other ones (dbol, var, drol, mAubree tbol), that I see in water suspension as well or oil? If in water are they less painful than winny?


I have never seen inj tbol but its a possibility that it can be produced.
Most inj orals are painful inj but if made correctly shouldn’t be a problem.


@UNITED @Iron_Junkie_Labs are your injectables for var, drol, dbol in water or oil? You ever thought about tbol?


@Iron_Junkie_Labs is all oil


Thought so. That def decreases pip. Wonder if tbol is possible lol


I’ve had no pip with his winny or dbol


I feel like it’s not popular enough to be worth making it injectable


Although injectable orals are hands down better then reg orals


As @John stated we are all oil based and also
Those arent very popular items, the most populare inject orals are winny, dbol, drol, mtren. But it would be nice to hit the lab and work with it as one of my favorite orals is Tbol just for the rapid and intense strength gains. Aka breaking stuff at the gym lol :laughing:




Sorry brother I didn’t mean to steal your shine, by answering @Fitraver


Haha I’ve only used it once but I really liked it @Iron_Junkie_Labs and all this talk about how much better the injectable are vs oral for your health had me wondering. Just never ever seen the tbol. I was just curious if there was something that made it different and wouldn’t hold.



Anyone notice the gal in the red tube top? :wink:


Lets work on something really cool… Injectable Cialis. :rofl::eggplant:

BTW- @Iron_Junkie_Labs Cialis is top shelf and comparable to the script version. The only thing that would make it better is being in pressed tab form.


Oh boy that’s a great idea


The staple although real old is papaverine with a little lidocaine and alpha blocker phentolamine(not same time). You inject these into your cape Canaveral, haha, your dick and boom. Got to be pretty tough for these. I have a very good friend that’s had to deal with a spinal chord injury the last 30 years which is how I know of these. Injectable “orals” from my experience work different but better. I don’t know why exactly. I always feel full in my stomach with orals. Uncomfortable.


Old thread but has any of the new sponsors considered injectable tbol? I know it has made a popular comeback as of late and I would love to see it in an oil. I cant take orals at all without adverse reactions but I do very well with injections. I honestly think there would be a market for it.