Important payment info about wu!


Give me your ears!!!

Dear customers, clients and friends alike,

Just an FYI… When utilizing WU as a payment option you have 48 TOPs to send the funds to WU with the selected collector, in the event after 48hrs and the funds have NOT been sent the order will automatically be canceled
from there you will have to create an entirely NEW order and select a NEW collector,
due to the fact that we change collectors regularly…
Please be aware so you don’t have to encounter any inconveniences that may delay or hinder the ordering process…

This is extremely important so please fulfill payment under the 48hr window to avoid any issues!

Once you pass this 48hr window and proceed to sends funds there may be difficulties and there’s nothing we can do that will correct this situation, under no circumstances would we be able to correct this…

PLEASE make a personal note about all of this info and remember, it’s extremely important…We don’t wish to see anyone experience any sort of inconveniences.

Kindest regards team supervisor,