I'm gonna take this win from the doc


My Dr is a Awesome guy . He actually believes in the power of a healthy man. I’m getting monthly bloodwork for here on out to monitor my cycles and my bodily functions. It’s worth the money to have a good pcp in my beliefs. So anyway I’m prescribed test at 200 a week and arimadex. I’m getting hcg and all my blood work for nothing through this man.


And he knows of my steroid use and does not condemn it.


@Bigmurph did I post this correctly?


Im going to place it in trt
Its ok though lol


Brother thank you. I will ask you and @SemperFi before I post . I know you guys are trying to keep this forum as informational as possible .


Thats awesome bro very lucky to have such a reasonable smart and up to date doctor! Best of luck with everything my bro


Do you remember my 1st post about my acne being crazy and my ugL AI being bunk? In only 2 weeks the acne has subsided bc pf your guys recommendation and help from 1 of our sources. My dr being on board too took so much stress off my shoulders.


Thats great news bud happy for you


Its ok this is a tricky one for me to figure out where to place it.
I only went with trt to show anyone looking into trt to be honest with your doctor.
If you can’t be honest with your doctor you should get a new one in my opinion because you’re paying him to take care of you.


Thank you brother. I should really be thanking you especially for how good you talked about the source I used. @Bigmurph that’s what I was thinking too bc I added I’m on cycle . I actually took my time after you edited to read through the different posts .


All great news. Thanks for sharing. We must have the same Dr. :wink:


Haha. He told me to say what’s up to you


My doc is a She and smokin’ hot! :fire:


You got me on that 1 . Lol


Oh man you are a lucky dude! Thats one of my all time fantasies :smiling_imp:


What? @SemperFi banging his doctor? :joy:


Nope. Just lustful desire. My wife is classier than my doc. You don’t trade a Bentley for a Jaguar. :wink:


Don’t ruin @MBTJR1980 ‘s fantasy lol :joy:


Very well put my man! But nothing like taking a Jag out for a test spin mentally :wink: only scumbags cheat on their wives!!


Amen to that!