Im back fulltime sponsors or members contact me anytime


I just wanted to let everyone know that BIGMURPH is back fulltime.
If anyone needs anything verified sponsors or members wants to let me know about any issues or problems that happened while I was away I would really appreciate it because ive got alot of reading to do so I can catch up with what’s going on.
I don’t believe that there were any issues because our solid team of mods @Berserker and @Islandswole were taking care of things.
I also know that @TrenGod and @PHD were here.

For any new members that joined in the last month I would just like to say welcome to UGM.
Im the sponsor moderator and that means for members that if you’re having a problem with a sponsor contact me anytime. For verified sponsors it means that if you need anything you can contact me anytime.
For SRCS looking to become sponsors please contact me at
[email protected]
This is the only email address that we use for sponsor contact so please make sure that it is that exact email address and if you need to send me a pm and ask if I contacted you if you believe that something is wrong or just to be sure that it is me.

Its great to be back and if anyone needs anything please don’t hesitate to ever contact me I’m always here to help anyone sponsors or members with anything that you might have a question about.

Thanks to everyone this community is the best online and I promised at the beginning of the year that I had big things coming up.
Stay tuned because giveaways,contests,promotions and so much more are going to start and its going to be BIG.



Glad to see you back in action.


Thanks brother I really appreciate you holding it down. Your a great moderator happy to have you on the team.
Shoot me a pm if you have anything that you believe is an issue or you just want to give me a heads up about.


I’m not pming you @Bigmurph I’m gonna fucking going to say it right here no secretive shit bro


So with that being said, I wanted everyone to know that, I’ve missed @Bigmurph.


Welcome back @Bigmurph


Glad to see you brother

I like the out in the open attitude I believe that it should always be that way.


Much appreciated brother


Well I wanted you to bite quicker on my first message, it was obviously a set-up, for a sweet,loving reply… I didn’t work today, bored as fuck…


heard that bro. hope everything is good with you @Bigmurph


I appreciate that brother. I hope all is well with you also.


Welcome back I’ve missed getting on your nerves :joy::joy::joy: glad to see you’re back though




What’s up brother glad to hear from you I hope everything is going well.


All is good. Back in prep


Welcome back brother :muscle:


Thanks for the welcome. I am new to UG but not to the boards. Good to hear and know that you have a sponsor mod pretty cool. MM


Thanks brother


Yeah we do things a little different then other forums. I believe that it works well.
Catch you in the forums brother hit me up anytime