I'll show you mine if you show me yours?!


What do you guys/gals have lined up?

Just partial of my up coming cruise before any one says this isn’t a cruise, its primo and it hardly ever has 2 faces and I know many solids in my circle that cruise high dose primo, its very forging)… TRT Testostrone Cyp 200mg EW (script no included in pic) 1000mg Primo Depo EW , 80mg Tbol ED 8 weeks, 6mg CJC-1295 with Dac/GHRP-6 (cjc 1 x a week 6mgs, ghrp6 100mcg x 3 ED)… Meldonium 500mg ED 3 months for cardio support (increasing cardio 10 fold)… HCG 250ius 2 x a week 12+ weeks… 20 week cruise on primo/TestCyp!


That looks delicious


Please excuse my ignorance but what in the world are those horse tranquilizers in the blister pack?! :joy: Those have to be the largest caps I’ve ever seen. Besides me not knowing what those things are, the haul of Primo Depot there looks great as well as the rest of the pile! What a score!


That is actually a very very good question in fact a lot of people ask that so don’t feel silly… It helps with the oxygen transport in the blood and it stops and slows down the lactic acid the muscle belly… it helps improve the cardiovascular system as well… that one female tennis player several years ago was stripped of her gold medal because this was found in her system… They are great if you are looking for the added Advantage with endurance especially if you’re running Trenbolone it helps hinder that slight onset and agitation that made mimic an allergic response inside of your Airways… I train regularly in a combative sport so this helps me out immensely…


Those pills are huge!
Looks like something kids would take by boofing.

Vision, keep sharing the info buddy.
Nothing personal on the sources are not members thing.


These are very large capsules and unfortunately when you burp you taste them (gags)…
About this product I can honestly say I don’t notice anything crazy over the top, but I do notice that I have a little bit more gas in me, at first I thought it was a placebo (which is very real and proven to be very effective) but a few of my peers even made comments that I have a bit more Hang Time… it’s one of those compounds that you have to work with it as we both know there is no miracle and you have to meet everything down the middle… you get what you put in, and the benefits come there after!

About your other post, come’on man I have very thick skin and I’m very open-minded, I have the ability to take into great consideration everyone’s standpoint and approach too circumstances and situations… in fact I give you great respect for keeping it real and not sugar coating. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Fuck bro that is a huge dose of cjc 1295 dac. I have actually been looking into that stuff a lot lately. I don’t plan to run anywhere’s near that amount. More like 1mg a week, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.


I am super excited that you brought this up, but unfortunately I’m leaving the office and I’m heading to the gym at the moment but soon as I return back you have my unwavering commitment and dedication to you and I will break this down and give you my personal thoughts along with anecdotal reports and a quantitative look at the multitudinous benefits of this peptide and the igf levels! Just a real quick spoiler, I have seen igf levels greater than 600+ on this peptide…

Let me go get this on and I’ll get back to you in about an hour and a half my dude!

And I’m stoked to hear that you’re looking into this stuff, just keep doing your research and research whatever else you’re researching and research that research… the rabbit hole gets very very deep!!


Awesome can’t wait to hear. And yeah i see it is very deep. Some say 500mcg 2x a day and some are doing 5mg+ like yourself. I guess that just comes down to the more you do the higher your igf goes tho. I’d just be interested in what your results have been strength and muscle building and fat loss wise and if you have done bloods to back t up would be good to hear as well. Look forward to your response.

It’s also crazy the difference in pricing. And figuring out who had legit stuff.


I made a thread just for you my brutha!