IJL Test P/Mast P/Tren A/ TNE (MIX)


So I pinned @Iron_Junkie_Labs Test Prop (75mg), Mast Prop (100mg), Tren A (50mg) :point_left: this will be (EOD) for now, and TNE (100mg).

Let me tell y’all now I felt like I straight monster in the gym and 4 hours later I still feel like I could smash anything in my way…it’s a damn good thing nobody is getting in the ring with me today bc they wouldn’t last one round and that’s a not just a threat or a promise it a gaurantee! :100::fire::muscle::boxing_glove::boxing_glove::boxing_glove:




Damn brother your about to rip that shirt from flexing! :muscle: :boom:


The most incredible part about it is I’m barely flexing💪


Outfuckingstanding brother, I 24/7 feel tight veiny n pumped from the mast…hi @Iron_Junkie_Labs you miss talking to me


@N8GainTrain you look great buddy. I enjoy seeing that solid athlete look and knowing that you put the hard work in makes it all that more satisfying.

Be grateful for everything you have and be humbled that somewhere their is someone better than you. Now go find that guy and knock him back into tomorrow! :wink:


@SemperFi I’m on the road driving right now when I have a chance to get back on here I’ll explain to you what kind of fighter I am and the type of competition that I look for I don’t duck anybody I don’t run and I only want to fight the best. I’m as humble as they come outside the ring and I’m just as humble after a victory inside the ring. I never Overlook any opponent because all it takes is one punch. But the way I see it in order to be the best we have to beat the best.


Haha @John of course borther! Where ya been?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Iron_Junkie_Labs @John Get a room! :joy:


Mostly eating is “ where I been” …I will be talking to ya Friday


Ha ha


@SemperFi dont be jelly :wink:
@John damn straight brother we will be waiting for your email :muscle:


No disrespect at all when I say this brother but I have given this sport nearly my whole life and for me to say or agree that their is someone better than me I’m in the wrong sport. Not to say I can’t be beat but at the same time I believe in my skills and my talent far to much to say that someone is better than me.


Thanks for the compliment brother I appreciate it!


@N8GainTrain None taken. I think due to the nature of just words you misconstrued my intent. I even may have worded it wrong. I was attempting to inspire you to go find someone better than you and prove to yourself that you could beat him. :+1:


Well in that case thank you my friend! I love to be motivated and inspired and I appreciate your kind gesture. Sorry if I came off the wrong way brother.


Would you believe that just 1 year ago I was fighting and competing in Junior flyweight (108lbs) and Flyweight (112lbs) divisions mostly walking around at that weight. Then moved up to Junior Bantamweight (115) and Bantamweight (118). At this point is when I made the decision to start running gear my walk around weight wasn’t cutting it for me fighting guys who were walking around at 130-135lbs cutting weight and coming into the ring weighing pretty damn close to their natural weight. I was still winning the fights on stamina, skill, and I.Q. The competition wasn’t there and I was losing the fire so to speak. PEDs are rampant among boxers and in my sport just as much if not more than any other. So after dominating the best at Bantamweight, I skipped over Super Bantamweight/Junior Featherweight (122) and fought 2 of the top fighters in the Featherweight (126) division fairly easy. By fbjis time I was nearing the end of my first IJL cycle. Now in my second cycle with Iron Junkie Labs and being there sponsored Athlete I’m up to 138-140 fighting Junior Lightweight 130 and Lightweight (135lb) divisions and absolutely loving it. With the help of IJL, my hard work, dedication and passion for learning and developing my craft I am at the top of my game. My ultimate goal is Welterweight and I have no doubt I will get there. Remember all these gains, and division domination started just 6 short months ago.:boxing_glove::muscle::boxing_glove:


I put in the blood, sweat & tears but at the end of the day these guys deserve credit where credit is due :100::fire:


Also wanted to add between both cycles combined I have gained a minimum of 22 lbs to as much as 30lbs! This is of course training 2× a day most weeks gym in the morning and boxing gym in the afternoon.


@N8GainTrain your progress and journey is an outstanding example of what it takes to be ELITE. If it was easy every one would be doing it. Thank you for sharing your story.

I have something I call a success formula- Method (Time + Consistency) = Results

I came up and adopted thIs formula after watching not only gifted athletes but the less gifted who eventually achieved the title ELITE. They all had the exact same few qualities in common and those commonalities are why the became ELITE.

You are well on your way my man. What I have read and heard from others you have the qualities that will make you elite in your endeavors. You are willing to do the things that the average person chooses not to do. It’s not because you are bigger, stronger or more genetically gifted. It solely is based on the fact you are willing to put in the time and consistency to a specific method. Stay on the path. Divorce all negativity. Do not lose yourself… Always be you… If you do that you are a true winner!

It might sound sappy but that doesn’t change the truth. :wink:

_" If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." _- Sun Tzu