IJL Strikes Again! (Iron Junkie's Proud Sponsored Athlete)


Another successful touchdown from my amazing sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs! The guy has never let me down and comes through time and time again! Try him once and I gaurantee he will be your go-to for all your supplementation needs as well! Time to get these gains! :boxing_glove::muscle:


Thats a beautiful thing right there bro


Nice haul!!


@Iron_Junkie_Labs needs to expand his offerings to make this a true statement.

Thanks for sharing the gear porn @N8GainTrain


What exactly makes it not true?


:wink: Wouldn’t you like to know @John?!

@Iron_Junkie_Labs has a great selection of items but he is just missing a few that would make him a go-to for ‘all’ my supp needs (wants). His Cialis is great BTW. :slight_smile:


I agree with @SemperFi
We arent a complete one stop shop and never claimed to be but we do provide a wide selection and are trying to expand it every time we get a chance, trying to lock down some supertropin pharma hgh kits. We will see how that goes!


Ha ha I wanna know a lot of things… and yes his cialis keeps the tent pitched in bed every morning.


Awesome bro. Gonna try IJL SOON


A Beautiful Sight to see…


That was my only concern with my new sponsor was no cialis, glad to hear about IJL having good product in that department, so I’m gonna be putting in an order for that most definitely, as soon as my last batch is out from my old source, and my wife is all set and ready from after having our baby the other day!


Oh hell yeah bro if you have gh kits that would be so awesome! @Iron_Junkie_Labs is def one of fastest t/a and products are top quality! If you try it youll love it!


Congrats on baby man! Being a dad is the best by far. Enjoy every second because they grow up fast.


Outfuckingstanding bro his cialis is on point


Im gonna have to try this cialis out that everyone is raving about! Me personally i like viagra for thrashing the wife :muscle:t2: and low dose cialis for the health benefits. Anyone else get super congested when using either of these? I literally become a mouth breather when i take them which i hate. Makes using my skilled tongue :tongue: in the sack a lot more difficult because i have to stop to breath lol


I don’t get congested @MBTJR1980, I get incredibly bad heartburn, and not even like heartburn that is at a tolerable level… it’s extreme. But im thinking that could just be the filler from my old source!


Oh man that sounds super shitty! Makes me think my prob aint shit at all lol


Right! But im hoping by what everybody been saying about IJL his cialis im hoping won’t do that


Well i can def say everything ive used from @Iron_Junkie_Labs is very high quality so id be willing to bet the cialis will be top notch as many have already stated bro. Please let me know how it is when you try it out for 1st time


@MBTJR1980 im right there with you! I get congested af! It sucks but it comes and goes…