Ijl roistest anavar positive


Just wanted to leave feedback for Iron Junkie Labs. these guys are awesome. As I said before, I must have changed my order like 6 times, and they were very patient with me. Excellent customer service!

Their product is legit. I tested the Anavar with a kit from roidtest.com, and it is in fact Anavar. Also, I verified the Cialis works :slight_smile:

Im going to test the Testosterone tomorrow, but in light of everything, im sure its good.

Again, I will be sticking with these guys from here on out.

Thanks Iron Junkie labs!!

IRON JUNKIE LABS price and order guide

Thank you much for your feedback and testing bro, we would like to offer you an appreciation discount on your next order as a thank you for your honest reviews


Got some on the way and can’t wait to give it a run! Good information!


Thanks for sharing this information and investing your hard earned money on the test.


I’m running Iron_Junkie_Labs Anavar now at 50mg a day. This post have me the confidence to go ahead and purchase it along with previous good products from them. Thanks for posting this!


As much as they can , I think the 5 finished product srcs are 100%. But that’s great to be able to get some test results too. All are active here and honest. I try to spread the dollars around a bit as well as everyone has a little bit different lineup of products. I can’t wait to start again and test my new “old” cycle theory.


I do as well


Plus its fun. This ones tren, that ones masteron…I’ve always been the guinea pig😞


@rnmuscle they eat Guinea Pigs in northern countries of South America. :wink: