Ijl Nolva - always comes through


As always @Iron_Junkie_Labs comes through. Needed some nolva quick and it was here in a flash. Gunna run it for 6 weeks at 20mg while cruising to see if it can get rid of a small lump I have. It’s not bad but I thought may as well see if the studies I read work. Won’t really have any way of reporting much unless he lump shrinks. Even if it doesn’t that wouldn’t mean anything was wrong. I figure during a cruise is a good time. As far as I know it won’t hurt my bloods for doc or have any negative affects. The igf lowering I saw studies that wasn’t true or was super minimal.

I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks as always ijl.


As always man we will always take care of you and UGM :pray:


Best of luck @Fitraver and @Iron_Junkie_Labs is the MAN!! Always lightning fast with responses and t/a! Top notch!