Ijl athlete anadrol successfully delivered


@Iron_Junkie_Labs being the dedicated sponsor and kick ass advisor that they have proven to be to me personally as their IJL ATHLETE have came thru with his promise to help get me the increases in size, strength, and power that I need to bust through to the next level of my training in the ring and in the gym. Just took my first dose of 50mg, getting ready to go bang a few rounds sparring with this big Welterweight at my boxing gym! I’m ready to go give him this work so I’ll let y’all know how it goes!:boxing_glove::boxing_glove:

Thanks again @Iron_Junkie_Labs y’all are the shit! By the way, the pack arrived extremely faat. It was sent out to me Thursday after 5PM and was here today (Monday around noon) excluding Sunday 2 1/2 days delivery time…just like my hands in the ring, you simply can’t beat that speed! :100::fire::muscle:


Always appreciate your kind and honest words brother you have truly proven yourself a true Junkie in the ring :boxing_glove: :boom: :muscle:
Enjoy that Adrol and keep me in the loop brotha about everything! Happy growing!


I wish you could post video of you sparring
I would love to watch one of your fights maybe a YouTube link?


I spoke with my trainer about this very thing.I have thought about that Murph and was going to post some clips of videos from my last fight but my trainer who has all my fights recorded since he became my trainer, all his other fighters and guys that he has an interest in training or fighters who are wanting him to work with them. He asked that I or anyone on our team or under his tutelage to not post videos on YouTube or any other site. He is aware of my cycle and what’s going on. He just prefers to not know the details. He said if it’s working you feel better, you fight with more of a spark so why not. He just doesn’t want me or anyone to post something in the wrong place and it ended up in the wrong hands. While gear is RAMPANT in my of sport and I’m positive every sport. You still don’t want to be labeled or blackballed as the only one or one of the bad apples, so I have respect his wishes of my trainer and keep our respect and reputations in the a sport, in the community, and in the local gyms as well as other gyms in the state.