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Damn Kia Greene that’s bad ass. He’s so methodical


yeah John is like blind. but his heart is In the right place . he’s a friend for a life time


kai was very hard to communicate with . we weren’t speaking the same language lol but he is a very good guy . he’s extremely intelligent. analyzes every little detail. my favorite person to train with was Craig Richardson and victor Martinez and Jose Raymond. they all train really hard, but also can laugh and have a good time… I don’t take life to serious. I like to laugh and have fun with everything I do . if you knew me , I’m very sarcastic and love to crack jokes and have a good laugh… plus me and victor live the down the street from each other, and we are close friends. we smoke and go out to eat all the time.


Ok sorry one more for you.

I don’t respond well to carbs but I believe that it was making me lack in gains. On my last bulk I ate 300-400 carbs and being that low I gained 30 lb and blew up like a bloated balloon. I cut my cycle early because the weight gain was ridiculous.
Then i cut back down now because im telling everyone that carbs bloated me there saying that I need more fats.
Big gave me some diets im going to go through this weekend. Do you believe that if I raised my fats to supplement for the lower carbs it would be a waste?


well… there could be a few answers to this issue. what were the carb sources when you blew up 30lb ?
what chemicals were u using during this cycle ?
also not sure what ur last question means? your saying having low carbs and trying to make gains would be a w ate of time ?


Just got off work …little off topic mrusa14 , funny delts are strong point? In your AC prep videos, they look cartoonish, there was a scene after you get tanned where they are so separated and big off the arms, might of been angle too but biggest shoulder I’ve seen, looked like you could fit 2 half dollars in between!


This is going to appear to sound critical and negative but I assure you it is a constructive question…

How is it you have been on gear for years and have so much experience with steroid use but are unable to construct a proper diet to meet your goals?

If we don’t understand and know how to construct a proper diet through proof in implementation than we should reconsider our use of steroids.


LMFAO . shoulders have always been an easy muscle for me to develop. Hey and shooting gear for 13 years into them helps ! lmfao


what exactly are you asking me ? are you asking why I don’t diet myself for competitions?


A proper diet constructed with macros adding up everything to meet certain numbers every day has never worked for me. Granted I tried it once last cycle.

Me eating my diet of my normal foods and not trying to fit into a 3 number diet. It has always worked fine for me. When I started to try to only eat a certain number of calories protien carbs and fats like I did on my last cycle was the only time I’ve had diet issues. I thought that if I made my diet fit with what everyone says should be the numbers it would equal more gains it actually made me gain a ton of weight and become extremely bloated. I believe that it was definitely the carbs because my carb intake wouldn’t have been that high with my normal diet.

I learned from this that my diet can’t be determined by someone else i can’t take a set of numbers and try to change everything that has worked for me over the years.

I have been incredibly dedicated to trying to learn more about diet and macros and my first time around running a cycle with a diet set up like this failed miserably.
Me eating my 6 meals a day putting down meat veggies and rice ,beans, peanut butter, eggs. Me just eating like that instead of me trying to really over complicate things works best for me it has time and time again.

It doesn’t appear critical and negative in any way its a very straight forward question. Diet is the most important thing besides training for us to meet our goals.
I wasn’t successful with trying to count everything it didn’t work well for me at all but I will always work on trying to learn everything I can. Knowledge can only take you forward. Im always open to new ideas and learning.


He was asking me


So my first question is about using nolvadex to fight on set gynoclamastia .
I’ve read multiple medical studies about this topic. I read one where they used arimidex which made sense but then you will still get a estrogen rebound . Then I found study after study case after case were they just use 10mg-20mg a day after using a AI to get there estrogen in range then do a 3-6 month regimen of nolvadex and the numbers were up to 80% full recovery. No surgery needed and especially no letrozole needed. It always amazed me that people would crush there estrogen with letrozole and feel like complete shit for around 2 months to get the swelling or lumps to go away. Since you have been around awhile do you know who or how this rumor that letrozole is the only way to reverse gynoclamastia? I had slight swelling in my left breast nothing serious and I blasted with aromasin which is a suicide inhibitor so I won’t have any estrogen rebound and I’m taking 20mg of nolvadex split. This just seems logical way of handling this type of situation especially with all of the medical studies and proof. I’m just curious if you know when and why especially since bbers had nolvadex way before they had letrozole .

Second question is primobolan all I hear is don’t run less than 600mgs for at least 14 wks minimum . I have been running 500mgs a wk and feel great also I’ve had another ifbb pro tell me 400mgs is more than enough if the primo is real. What are your thoughts on this?
The reason I ask is that the primo is making my acne really bad. Im also running Proviron which im going to take down to 25mg a day or drop completely.
What do you recommend about the primo and the nolvadex vs letrozole conversation for reversing gynecomastia?
Thanks nick


Reading your post, gave me chills. I’ve backed off a little as far as being super scientist when it comes to my regimen, I guess a lot. I’m lucky not even a sore nipple in 25 years . But, then I still took nolvs until it " lowers igf" then I was like nolva sucks, then I thought on the unit I’m infusing patients and they want no if with there cancer, its high in m9st if not all metastatic forms. Insightful question, then if we have real promo. I immediately get nervous that I always hit minimum of six hundred probably not as long as folks are saying now. So, I think my primo is under or fake. Not to mention the bigarexia which now is as big while being rippedarexia. Just funny how most of us if we’re reading this think alike in a twisted way.


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