IFBB Diamond Cup Serbia May 11-13



Organized with the support of Serbian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr. Goran Ivanovic; the 1st. IFBB Diamond Cup Serbia will be held, next 11th to 14th May, in Cacak; with 10 Pro Elite Cards for the main winners and valued points for the 2018 Elite World Ranking.

Open to all the European IFBB-affiliated National Federations, the Diamond Cup Serbia will be a new chance for the athletes who participated at the recent EBFF European Championships to get the Pro Elite card, besides more points for the World Ranking, with over 300.000 $ in cash prizes, at the end of the season.

The categories available for the event are, as follows:

:black_small_square: Bodybuilding (5 weight categories)
:black_small_square: Master Bodybuilding (Open)
:black_small_square: Junior Bodybuilding (Open)
:black_small_square: Classic Bodybuilding (5 height categories)
:black_small_square: Master Classic Bodybuilding (Open)
:black_small_square: Men´s Physique (6 height categories)
:black_small_square: Master Men´s Physique (Open)
:black_small_square: Junior Men´s Physique (Open)
:black_small_square: Muscular Men´s Physique (Open)
:black_small_square: Bikini (5 height categories)
:black_small_square: Master Bikini (Open)
:black_small_square: Bodyfitness (2 height categories)
:black_small_square: Master Bodyfitness (Open)
:black_small_square: Wellness (Open)
:black_small_square: Women’s Physique (Open)

The event has the next schedule:

Friday, 11th: Registration & Weight-in

Saturday, 12th: Prejudging & Finals (session 1)

Saturday, 13th: Prejudging & Finals (session 2)

This event is a IFBB World ranking amateur event and a IFBB elite pro event


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