If I can ask you all for a favor


As we all know our brother N8GainTrain is fighting tonight around 8 he said. So if each and every one of us sends out our prayers or good desires and wishes or positive mental energy it will be awesome…is not about religion or Creed is about unity. Let’s do it!!!


I will be on my knees praying for a safe clean fight and a win for our brother.
Are atheist brothers maybe just a moment of silence.
THANKS to all
Get em @N8GainTrain


Already did n will do it again!


Everyone is behind you @N8GainTrain you got this.


To win the fight you have to have the right strategies and the right resources, because victories don’t come by accident.

May N8Gain Train put on the whole armor of God that he may be able to stand against the wilds and be victorious in his battles. Nothing is impossible in those who believe.


WELL SAID my brother


sorry iam late ,time difference across pond .i pray that he come out with no injuries


I’ll send some direct words to God myself