I will be accepting ideas for site design today construction and clean up



Construction and clean up will be taking place today. Im going to get everything cleaned up because alot of posts are in the wrong sections. Im going to get all src posts into the write places and im going to add and remove certain categories.
If you have an idea about a new category or something that you believe needs to change please send me a pm today 3/10. I will be on almost all day today and available for anything that anyone needs if there is a question that requires a long discussion today is the day to contact me.



Thanks for the cleanup bro.


whats up big guy? This site"s a little different still trying to get my bearings. Hope all is well.


Hows everything brother. Yeah its a tricky site but once you figure it out there is so much more you can do.
Glad to hear from you


The mobile version still confuses me at times lol


It took me almost 2yrs to learn how to navigate the site. There is really so much you can do. I still sometimes figure out about something that I didn’t know was possible.
Lol learn something new everyday