I was curious to know what ppl think of gear from Mexico along with Pcts i been on other forums and never hear much about south of the border


I never hear anything from south of the border just mostly overseas. Is Mexican gear or pcts really junk? In your opinions


With the ease of ordering and domestic availability I don’t see the risk/reward payout of using some questionable products south of the border a viable option any longer.

We have some exceptional quality sources right here and carrying across the border is an unnecessary risk to take for the average person.


Yeah i see your point on the gear but most of the Pcts are a3rd of the cost. Example today I had someone grab me 100 ,10mg tamoxifen citrate for 18$ now you can’t beat that of generic of course but i trust the ppl im dealing with. I guess im just wondering why you don’t hear more ppl talk about it because its legal to bring across with many others.


It might be because a large percentage of the medications found in Mexico pharmacies are counterfeit.


Oh yeah you really have to form a relationship with your pharmacist. Because I see it all the time most customers are tourists that they’re never going to see again i don’t know if they sell them fakes i just know they double the prices. And off topic how do you create a topic vs a post im still figuring this out and id like to get my 25 badly any info would be much appreciated because I found my forum everyone has been awesome and id like to start trying some sponsors.


@BIGLUZE Your first post in this thread was creating a new topic that you created a title for and it is also a post. Each reply to this topic is a post.

Anytime you click “+ new topic” you are creating a new thread. Every post you make in that thread is a post.

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I got ya makes sense


See that’s what alot of ppl think. But they actually rent buses for the elderly once a month to go get they’re medication at much chesper prices B/C its legal now of course you have some morons trying to get over on ppl but they keep it legit as possible because they need the American $ and the Cartels run the border towns and money is the bottom line.