I want everybody to know


I had a terrible experienced this morning. Right now am supposed to receive HGH orders from 3 different sources( none of them are here). The first one i ordered 5-6 weeks ago (paid immediately) and i have not received a tracking number yet, the second one was ordered an paid 3 weeks ago and i have not received a tracking number yet, the third one about ten days ago and no update on the status.
This morning i made contact with ppp-hgh and of course i asked all kind of questions and i wanted to order only 1 kit…this brother got very upset and called me trouble maker, spy, time waster, also said something about 2 e-mail adds and said that i was banned from the forum (steroid forum)…i didn’t even found him there his e-mail was sent to me, but i happen to be a member there; so i went and check and am banned for life from that forum.
Brothers i feel terrible about it, is hard for me to see how it got there but it did…I am so sorry and i wanted everybody to know cause i know a few of you are there. Am not angry am very sad and there is heaviness in my heart for the course of this events…i try as hard as possible to always be a gentleman and always create a good impression. I am so sorry


pastor i shout at you now ,you listen to me ,i know from the little that you have written you are a good man and i dont want to hear you beat your self up like this .i have been banned from a certain board 5 times .i tried to help guys by proving 5 sources were scammers ,i had evidence has well .they not worth 1 word off you ignore them ,keep good people around you like the good book tells us ,dont worry about tracking some sources dont like using it now but will tell you they will provide and they dont ,i dont like tracking i was told that it flags up to feds if you keep checking it ,true or not i dont know ,i been waiting 5 weeks for my g/h from ukraine and not come yet the tracking usually stays in country of origin,even though this guy has been horrible to you you dont know what type of day and problems he has faced and you may have just been asking things at the wrong time .you have us all here and i think i speak for most if not all of us ,we are here for you and each other ,you have us dont forget that ,your g/h will arrive iam sure ,you will have to wait ,try no to think you have been ripped off ,these negative thoughts ,kepp your chin up ,you can always talk to me or p/m me if you like .god bless


Thanks beloved I have never cared about right or wrong I care about being a peacemaker. Your words come to me as great support…I can deny it I do feel bad. But am not gonna stay there. What a blessing you are.


your are very welcome


what board banned you for asking questions?


Steroids Forum


Sorry that happened brother I don’t agree with you being banned for asking ? But you know u have a home here Brother and we all love u


Yeah pretty much what busa said, your only my online friend, but you have been helpful to me, so if they banned you then it’s their loss not yours, and I typically believe in “ everything happens for a reason “ so I’m sure you will be able to find something positive from this experience brother!


This is the only place where I post and the only one I spend time in. But I will not deny the situation hit me hard…I am a man of peace… every thing I teach is about courtesy and Humility…if you take a look at it all my post are about encouragement and joy and godliness…that is what I offer…it hit me hard to be punished


How awesome you are beloved


Dont trust many people online. HGH is expensive and the market is full of fakes and rippoffs.


Thats a pretty shitty thing to have to go through bro! Especiailly to such a caring, kind, loving person. You are a great guy and im very happy to call you my friend. Dont let anyone make you feel different. You have a home and family here brotha so keep your head high and your belief strong :pray:t2:


Thanks my brother, am not a man of controversy and I don’t want my brothers to see me being part of shameful situations…I care very much about the impression you all have of me


Your not alone. It seems to be getting more chaotic out there. I thought it would be opposite by now. I personally thought the now banned source from here would be good for awhile…then he screwed the person that was giving him the good review. I really don’t understand it, just from here could of made a substantial difference and takes in $. I guess I underestimate the dough involved. Really, those countries they are in are lawless when it comes to growth, so consumer taking all the risk. Like always, at the end of the day , I sit back and look at what we are actually dealing with and it makes sense. Sucks, but makes sense. You should throw the names out everywhere so it gets around.


I’m sorry to here that Pastor. That seems a little extreme to be banned from a board just for asking a source about their products and then accusing you as(I’m assuming) a snitch. It was just not to be my friend. I do hope in the end you get your products that you spent your hard earn cash on. Good luck and keep us posted.


GH is something I personally steer clear from unless I get it from a pharmacy direct. There’s too many scammers and fake products flooding the market and true gh isn’t cheap. I’m always weary of seeing low prices on gh. Some sources don’t even know they are pushing fake stuff. They contact the Chinese scammers and they will get them hooked on a few real kits for the small order then when they place the large order will ship 90% fakes. So the source will legitimately think they are pushing a decent product and it’s hit or miss who gets what.

Sorry you gotta deal with that. Just remember if you need to post on a source that’s not a member here and scammed you feel free to post it out bro. It helps everyone to know who not to deal with in the industry. And we get some crazy numbers on SEO and Google so with any luck others will see it and hopefully won’t go thru that.


We all think the world of you Pastor never question that here :blue_heart:


See nothing but love brother. Just like everyone said don’t be so hard on yourself. But take some advice everyone.

All these sponsors offering sales, or way to good to be true prices… is just that… way to good to be true.

Stick to your domestic sources. Which seems like a solid group here! And I know @Bigmurph and @TrenGod runs a tight ship!

We will take care of you guys! My doors are back open to new members. Shoot me a PM to grab a list.


Thanks my brother for bringing me to this forum i have certainly made friends here…Take a look at the topic i started i little while ago: Pharma grade v/s UGL…i was talking about you Omni