I put my girl on this protocol


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Exogenous t3/t4 use is not going to shut down the cascade however usually in bbing the t3 is used and too much causing muscle to be lost. I have found small doses can get one over plateau s. The facts that I found more disturbing were the amount of receptors on myocardium and vascular tissue that are very very sensitive to small changes.


I think it’s perfectly reasonable to question the validity of people’s advice and opinions. The only reason I’ve heard from people not to take T3 is that it can potentially shut down functions. But every medical study I’ve read shows that it’s simply not true. If someone wants to put forward evidence to show me I’m wrong, I would not deny the truth.

This isn’t me being hard headed. But I’ve been around the community for a long time and I’ve heard of some many things that were “absolute truths” that I just took in. Like having to run equal or more test to deca or whatever. It’s simply not true.

I’m not running this myself, I have no incentive to keep her on it. I’m just saying I’ve yet to hear any real evidence to show me the risk of it outweighs the benefits. It’s like saying I should not workout because I might get hurt at the gym. Yes it’s true but the risk is so minimal to the reward.


Exogenous use of t3 for short term and at a “prudent” level like I am sure you are thinking. 12.5 , 25 mcg for 4 weeks. Will probably not shut down the the body’s natural mechanism of signaling to produce t3.


Just to update. The ligandrol is crazy for women. Only 5mg eod and she’s lifting 2x her normal weight easy. She never liked doing much lifting but she’s enjoying it now that she says it’s easy lol


Hi Andrew how are you :slight_smile:

Call me a freak, but I actually love reading medical journals/studies. Learning on forums was never enough for me, so I decided to read the scientific literature sourrounding the hormones that bodybuilders typically employ. It sounds like you like to read a bit of scientific jargon yourself. That being the case, would you kindly be able to reference the studies that you have read which have lead you to believe that the current regimen your partner is on is safe? I’m sure contributing such information would do nothing but benefit the forum.

With that being said however, is there a study that you can reference that shows the safety of t3, clen AND cardinine all taken simultaneously? I can tell you now there isn’t. The point is, your woman isn’t just taking the t3 by its self. The recovery of natural hormone levels isn’t the only thing you should be taking into account. Heavy stimulation of the body can lead to a host of other side effects, the most concerning are the effects on the heart. Clen is a heavy stimulant. T3 and t4 are also significant hormonal stimulants. The synergic effect is what you need to be weary of.

I’m not saying that what you have advised your partner to do is wrong, but merely expressing that your conclusion that this regimen is safe based on the fact you read studies where the participants are ONLY consuming t3/t4 may be misguided.

Not saying this to be difficult, but instead to offer you another angle of perspective. I hope your partner reaches her goals :slight_smile:



I second this! No one should believe anything they read just because a random bodybuilder on the internet says it’s true. You should question everything. Ensure you have good information. This is why I branched out to the medical literature. There isn’t a study for everything though. Eventually you need some anecdotal evidence because bodybuilders use for the purpose of enhancement. Medical literature uses for therapeutic purposes.



We’ve not use clen as it doesn’t seem needed. But I’d say individually they all seem to be fine unless with prior conditions.

There are studies to show that cardarine is good for the heart. It has actually incredible benefits to the body. Of course of sides can be possible. And one study shows the development of cancer to mice but it was at a ridiculous dose so the study of it has been stopped. You can look at multiple studies for it.

Here is one, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0006899312014758

There are many as it was being studied to become a real drug to help people.


But we are not mice. Sure some of us are beasts but I haven’t met a rodent yet that could speak my language. :wink:

SARM’s may one day become mainstream as science evolves but until then all that we have is hearsay (heresy), a rodent infestation and a lot of self experimentation.


I’m really think the the fear of T3/T4 is way to much over the top. Yes, it has risks. But I would say the gear we put in our body is significantly more risky, especially not done right.

I’ve seen IBFF pros who is in one of my other boards do a test. After 6 months of T3 at 100mcg ed, TSH returned to baseline in 2 weeks. Seen another do a experiment at 150mcg for 2 months and returned to baseline in about 3 weeks. Both posted TSH levels tested.

Although I’ll admit they were all men. Unless there is a reason females thyroid isn’t a resilient?


How about the t3/t4 studies you mentioned? You implied that you had read several.


Here’s one that says they returned even within a few days.


I’m looking for the more clear one. But as you know, we have to gain knowledge from comprehending what some of it means for us. There isn’t a study on what happens when you take tren but there’s enough we can conclude.

I remember reading an article of people who accidentally was put on T3 for like decades and return to normal range in a few weeks. I’ll try to find it during some medical journals.

But if you like, find me one case of permanent suppression. There is not one that I can find, I actually research for permanent suppression first. If there is, there would be studies since we take T3 and T4 medically often. Never seen any reports of permanent supression.


Another one. Says no problem even at really high doses for this poor fella.



Maybe the @SemperFi or other mods could split this into a T3/T4 discussion?

In interest in this conversation.

I used to fear T3:T4 but after some research and running it myself and talking to some vets and even pros. The general consensus is that it’s not that harmful unless you’re stupid with it. Even guys who are running a ridiculous 200mcg or something seem to be ok.


Me either. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

How is your woman doing with it all?