I need your prayers


Yesterday after fighting parvo for 3 days in a hospital my bull mastiff puppy ARLO died; I had him for a month and that boy gave me so much love, i posted here all the pics when i went to get him and all the troubles we went thru between my other dogs and him. Am grateful that i spent a lot of time with him loving him as much as i could…i kept picking him up and telling him let me hold you while i can, you are about to get too heavy. After the devastating blow of his death, besides the unbearable pain i felt angry too . Am better today and so thankful that i had an incredible month of happiness with my ARLO.


OMGGG im so sorry bro!!! My heart breaks for you. What a beautiful boy he was. You must be devastated :sob: God takes the good ones early so just know he is tearing up the golden lining of Heavan. Much love to you today and get well wishes and prayers my brother


We got you brother


I’m so sorry, it was a beautiful dog


Damn bro. So sorry that happened to him. Losing a pet is like losing a family member.


Thanks everyone


Pastor…I’m am so sorry do hear this. I just find it so amazing how we can get so attached to an animal and include them as part of our family. We have a small dog who is not in the greatest of health right now being 14y/o and I am dreading the day when it comes…especially for my wife. IMO dogs are truly ‘Mans’s Best Friend’. They give absolute unconditional love no matter how bad a day you had…they are always there to greet you regardless of any conditions. I had a dog when I was younger and had to make the decision of putting him down. It wasn’t much of a decision because he was in constant pain but to actually say ‘yes it is time’ was one of the hardest moments of my life…and then not having him greet me wagging his tail when I got home(he was basically bed ridden at that point) was a crushing blow to my heart.

I feel for you my friend and thats a position that all dog owners will have to be in at some point.

But ask your self this…and I tell my wife the same…‘Did I give Arlo the best time he could have during his short life, was I the best daddy for him while he was here, did he have fun while living?’ If yes…than you did your job as a parent for him and you know that Arlo is grateful for that.

I pray for our little Spanky everyday and that I ask God to give him comfort(he has numerous health issues) and I ask God to let Spanky know that mommy and daddy are here for him no matter what.

I’ll pray for you and your family’s comfort so that God can give you strength to make it through this difficult time. I pray the best for you and your family and that God give you faith in knowing that no one could have done a better job as parent for Arlo.


So sorry for your loss bro. That makes me so sad. Prayers with you.


Thanks brother


Thanks beloved


@Pastor I feel your pain preacher man. I lost a pup from parvo myself. I am sorry for you loss. Make sure any other dogs on the property are immunized. Parvo can lay dormant in the ground for up to a year.

This comes to my mind for you- Revelation 21:4


Thanks for that word beloved… Jesus that went deep


sorry pastor .


Sorry to hear. Prayers coming your way. I have 3 myself and would cry like a baby if anything happened to them.


Prayers 24/7 my friend


omg! i am saddened by your loss. i know the sadness. its such a aweful thing to go through. may the memories of those great moment help you through each day to help u though this sad time. He is now at peace and u have loved him all u could possibly. it is great that he saw your loving familiar face as he transitioned.


I know that pain brother I just lost my parrot awhile back and my wife had him for 14yrs I knew him for 8yrs.
Im actually tearing up writing this because I miss him so much.
It sucks arlo was just a puppy
I really feel for you brother stay strong


Thanks brother