I need some help for my ole lady


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My wife has always been in great shape. She eats well and she trains the same training program that I’m on at any given time. That said, she started looking for new means to rejuvenate herself. After 3 kids and also just getting older she wanted a little help. She did a 6 week Var cycle with pretty great success and started GH following that. Well she’s a little over a month into her GH at 1iu a day. She had some sides during her Var cycle, like some acne and some slight hair thinning but nothing she couldn’t handle with just a slight adjustment in dosage. Well even after 2 months her acne is still hanging around and of course the GH has started some bloating.

Anyway, long story short is that she basically wants to hit the reset button and figure out what the deal is with some other issues she’s been having before continuing down this path. What would be the best way to do a cleanse and detox? I mean from start to finish. Does she take stuff? Does she fast? What’s the best way to go about it? Any and all help is appreciated. She’s desperately trying to figure this out and I dont like to see my baby unhappy.


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Hormone balance for women is a tough nut to crack. In my experience the absolute game changer for my spouse was seeking the help of a medical professional. She sees an ND that specializes in hormone balancing through the use of nutrition, OTC supps and exogenous hormone therapy.

Don’t let her figure it out on her own or based on what you know. That can be just more frustrating. Support her and encourage her to seek professional assistance.


Sorry man. Guess I missed the Ladies forum.

Thanks for that advice though. That’s gonna be tough. She royally hates doctors and specialists with a passion.


I hear you. You can’t fix stubbornness. :wink: Sounds like she needs to decide how important it is to her on her own. I can’t convince my wife of anything and trying to do so makes me wish I was back in the sandbox.

BTW- ND’s are a different breed of doctor. If she has never been to one she might be pleasantly surprised. The perfect storm is an ND who is also an MD.


How old is she, and could she be seeing menopause symptoms yet?

lots of clinics are giving women testosterone pellets to boost the levels just a little.

Blood work is always helpful, if you can afford it just go get an extensive hormone panel for women.

some women use spironolactone as an anitandrogen, helps with things like acne, facial hair etc. its primarily a diuretic, pretty safe drug in low doses


I’m very big on blood work and made sure that she got all of her baselines before she started her first cycle. She is what you might consider borderline low T. The test minimum showed 12ng as the low and she is at 16ng. I made sure she got bloods after her 6 week cycle then again 4 weeks later to make sure she wasnot experiencing anything out of the ordinary. I consider spironolactone or accutane for her acne but she can barely handle OTC acne treatment gels let alone something like those 2. I think she might just have to bite the bullet and go see a specialist. Thanks for your input though. I appreciate it.


In all honesty bro Seek someone certified to help her not advice from here. Most the advice you will get will be what they think is best not what’s actually best. @SemperFi had the best advice by working with hormone dr


Spiro is pretty basic. Nothing scary like accutane.
It just blocks the androgen effect.

More bloods could shed some light on where everything is at now, I dont think she needs to do anything like a detox. It’ll probably just take some time for all the hormones to reach homeostasis again.

The blood work the chicks get is way more involved then when it’s dudes usually get. DHEA, estradiol, progesterone, pregnenolone, test and free test, that’s just the shit I can remember.


I’d say science over speculation all day. Seeing a specialist can eliminate the guesswork.


I know this isnt really the place and I may not get an exact answer but like I said, my wife hates the entire medical and pharmaceutical complex/industry and it’s hard to convince her to go. I figured I would either get enough people saying “go see a doctor” or they would give some ideas. That way she could at least see the need to go. So far that’s been helpful so I really do appreciate it.


I don’t think it’s time to run to a dr
Just come off the drugs and keep training and eating.
The sides are pretty much normal sides and just need some time.
Unless she has a really helpful dr I would expect the usual " dont take steroids anymore" response.

Test pellets are getting pretty popular. Keeps testosterone levels a little above the normal range and lasts 3 or 4 months.


I was wondering about the compatibility of some medical treatment and diets. My lady (and me also) might be older than average forum user here, I mean 50 y.o.+. So the question is does taking treatment like sildenafil and also been on diet including protein will have any consequences? Might sound awkward but I don’t care, I’m on the Internet, nobody will ever know. We are trying to keep our selfs in shape but you can’t argue with the Time. When you’ll grow up you will understand (hopefully not). I think I can proudly say that we are looking much better than our coevals. And we also want to be a good example for our children in order to have no worry about their health when we will pass out.


I would suggest seeking the service of a naturopathic doctor (ND) and see if your wife is a candidate for HRT.

My wife is up there in age and HRT was a life changer!

TRT might be a great option for you as well.