I have stepped down as rep for United gear


Just like the tittle says I am removing myself as the rep for United gear.i have no bad feelings or drama to talk about,I just feel it’s time that I step down and truly wish him the best
Let me add this ,he is throwing me under the bus hard real hard for his mistake and gear.im not pissed about that I expected it from him ,I ask if anyone here thinks im to blame for his actions please say so in a public thread so I can defend myself and not hide anything
When I posted the do not order warning 4 mths ago because he was not responding for 2 weeks to me or customers I should have never lifted that warning
That being said allot of you know me and my reputation so im not worried about losing friends here ,but I feel like I let you down and I wish I could do more and make all his wrongs right.


Thank you for helping me make the decision to buy from them. Everything came a few days ago. I appreciate your help!


Im happy about that and u will enjoy the gear ,I look forward to hearing about your gains brother


Haha - in this case it’d be me losing the bloat!


@Mountain-man you and I went around the block via PM because of @UNITED slow response time to communications so I understand where you are coming from. I am pleased with my purchase of sust 250 but I wanted you to know that I understand the reason for your decision and based on our PM’s I do not feel that you let me down.