I have an important announcement BIGMURPH


I would like to take this time to announce that @SemperFi will now be an official super moderator at ugmuscle.com. This is a honor for me to bring @SemperFi on as a super moderator here in our community. He has shown leadership and shared a great deal of valuable information with the community and creating the new NO EXCUSES contest has made me believe that he deserves this position 100%. I also believe that he brings with him the values that we wish to have and will continue to move ugmuscle.com forward in the direction of the greatest bodybuilding lifestyle community and forum that there is. Please give credit where credit is due.

@SemperFi will be incharge of the forums day to day operation as a super moderator

@Bigmurph will still be incharge of all verified sponsor related day to day operation

Thanks for your dedication to the community and everything to come.


Congrats @SemperFi!


@SemperFi awesome. Good job top.


Congrats :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats brother.


Congratulations @SemperFi


Congrats :muscle:


Congratulations @SemperFi :muscle:
This is very much well deserved! I personally have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight from you just as Iā€™m sure others have as well. I hope to continue to pick your brain and learn from you as one of the fine leaders of this community!


Congrats boss, well derserved.


Congrats @SemperFi this is awesome news. Well deserved my man



Dear @SemperFi congratulation !!!


SymBiotecLab Team

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Awesome @SemperFi Always a straight shooter on topics!


Nice one @SemperFi


Congrats SemperFi! Well deserved.


Congrats DEVIL DOG!


Congratulations Semper Fi. Do or die!


Congrats my brother! You are so well deserving of this! With all the knowledge you possess plus your willingness to help other and the fact that you have such a positive attitude i see no one better deserving! Proud to consider you a brother and so very happy for you my man :metal:t2:All the respect in the world for you @SemperFi


I want to thank everyone for their kind words and the trust that @Bigmurph and @TrenGod have placed in me to continue to uphold the principles that they founded UGMuscle on. You will not notice any changes except that you may see a few backend mistakes on my end. There is a small learning curve to the moderation interface that I have to overcome. If I overlook something or do something incorrectly do not hesitate to bring it to my attention via PM.

We have a solid community of members so you guys and gals keep doing what you do and do not let anyone in this house that does not uphold to our ideals of support, acceptance, education and assistance.

@Bigmurph has set the standard that I myself will follow. The one thing that you can count on from me is that every member and every sponsor will be treated as equals. I take my responsibilities seriously and I will not play favorites. I will not allow a sponsor to take advantage of a member and I will not let a member take advantage of a sponsor. No member will be allowed to belittle or berate a member. No sponsor will be allowed to criticize another sponsor. If anyone see this happening bring it to my attention. In most cases these things can be handled quickly and professionally.

UGMuscle is beholding to no member or sponsor and I will ensure, with the support of TG and BM, it remains that way.

I appreciate each member that I have had the opportunity to interact with and at the same time I hope to get to know more of you along the way.

As the year closes out what you see today at UGMuscle is just the beginning of what will be accomplished in support of the individuals that have a passion for the iron in the future.

Thanks again everyone and I look forward to serving for as long as I feel I am an asset to this community.



Thank you for your dedication, responsibility, and integrity to this board, members and sponsors.