I am about to go NUTS!


what nut should i add to this collection…

please don’t say @rnmuscle! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: juust kidding i couldnt resist i tried :rofl::rofl: oh plllease dont beat me up! :rofl::rofl:

no but…i got the brazil nuts and @SemperFi had mentioned cashews…got those and some of his other sup suggestions on their way…i know…i think it was rnmuscle? that mentioned some hard round flat nut that he gotten before that was also high in protein? whats the name of that nut?


Definitely some pistachios and walnuts.


Don’t complicate things stick with almonds. There is nothing new under the sun lol


Whichever fits your macros :wink: but yeah I’d agree with @PHD can’t go wrong with almonds. That’s always my go to.

Okay that’s a lie, my go to is just natural pb for my fats lol but I’ve used almonds in the past. And almond butter but that shit is expensive.


lmao! i stay away from peanuts cus i heard they were not the best choice


i loooove pistachios…but i think those are not good for keto…or was it fasting…i think fasting…i will have to go look that up so i dont confuse myself…i had bought a 2 lbs bag of those and though i was not suppoae to have them…they were there… the taste is addictive to me lol!!


Macadamia nuts are super healthy source of fats and taste amazing along with macadamia nut oil which i use 3 tablespoons a day along with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil added to my meals for all the healthy benefits and extra calories


Mac’s are the absolute best nut for anyone on a ketogeneic diet.


Oh yeah i forgot to mention whole omega eggs ( 6 a day for breakfast) and teddys all natural pb ( 6 tablespoons weighed out) with my banana flavored protein powder before bed shake.


Didn’t pay attention to you running a keto diet, but I have to agree with @PHD. Definitely the way to go, raw almonds.


What would be wrong with a variety?


6 tablespoons lmao you big mofo. I have 3 tablespoons in my proats meal before bed and I think that’s a lot :joy:


Im a hungry lil fella lmao!!


Oh nothing at all, but if I personally had to narrow it just to keep it simple I would choose almonds. I do love variety though, I actually keep Ziploc baggies in my pantry filled with different nuts haha


Who am I associating with, dam squirrels and mice




Walnuts are amazing!


How about a classic…peanuts.


i used to love peanuts…but then i heard and read that they are not the best choice for fats and protein?..they dont even use them at bakeries…that was a intrtesting fact i found out lol!! so they are like number 6 or more on the list of best nuts to have


Really?..Wow a little surprised at that. Peanuts are probably my favorite followed by almonds and cashews.